Benefits of High Speed Rail project exaggerated, secret report reveals

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. I would have thought of far more benefit would be the implementation of a National Water Grid

    We had the crazy situation recently where some parts of the country were having hosepipe bans whilst others had over flowing reservoirs.

    Get a grip FFS !!!!!
  2. It was looked at many years ago and it was decided it would be too expensive. I imagine it's dirt cheap to send water by tanker.
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  3. Was it leaked?
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  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    HS2 Crossrail etc anything that they tout and causes massive disruption tends to be a disasterous overrun cost and time. Politicians should be made to pay for these themselves. The electrification of the western is more urgent and practicable but wont win any votes!
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  5. I don't want people from Birmingham to get to London any faster.
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  6. Look at it from the 'glass half-full' perspective: it would allow you to get away from Birmingham faster.
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  7. Trains? How vulgar! We need a new motorway and make a toll one to keep the plebs off it.
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  8. What about letting cars go fast on motorways as many can go faster than the ancient trains we have.
    If the motorways get full build a double decked one like they do in Thailand.
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  9. With all these leaks, and the perfectly sound idea of a water system to provide water t the oiks in the South East, why not have 'fly boat' companys to take passengers to God's country from the south?
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  10. Inepteresting fact. One of the significant reasons UK motorways are so expensive to build is that they are still specced with long sweeping curves and tiny gradients for no speed limit and all the junctions are designed so they can switch round to driving on the right just by swapping round the signs.
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  11. Was that so we could use them as airfields too?
  12. And that is just Phase 1.

    After that, Phase II up to t' North (£30Bn kerrrrrchinggggg thank you very much) and then, yes, Phase III to Glasgow & Edinburgh for ooohhhh lots more.

    And at the end of it all will knock less than an hour of the existing journey times to Scotland.

    And it wil be cheaper to fly.

  13. [video=youtube;kAVDOBWtBuU][/video]

    Magnificent plane the old Jag, we should have built a new generation one.