Benefits of being an Ex Army Civi

I left just over a year ago and have been horrified but not surprised by the complete lack of benefits ex Army personnel have, especially considering the committment we still have to the reserves.

In the US " veterans (3 years+) can shop in the PX......I think I will give the NAAFI as miss, get treated in US Military Hospitals for free......they actually have some and they are very good, use their sports facilities etc.

I used to live in Aldershot where the wonderful but understaffed new Sports Complex, Olympic sized pool etc is located.  That is something that as an ex reg I would like to use but I would be treated just like any other b*stard civi, pay the same rates etc but it is free for mil personnel

I know it was in the small print when I joined up that when I left that there were no benefits for "veterans" but I think they should do something, especially considering the huge number of reservists being pressed into service.  What do you think?
Agree with you on this one, Flip.  I left four years ago, and was surprised at the way I was totally cut off from the forces.  Apart from the association magazine once a year, this website is as close as I can get to the Army.  Would have been nice to get the Forces Discount Brochure every year, or cheap dental treatment, etc, etc, but you and I were just a number.    The yanks have it sussed when it comes to looking after it's veterans.
I agree that more should be done.

However the Forces Discount Brochure is available for download off this site and I notice that a number of discounts are available to ex serving personnel for example, the BA MOD Leisure Flight Line and others.


Having left in Jan 03, its  a source of resentment. To see how the US Military have sorted things out-since WW2. As already posted the NAAFI is little comparison to the PX but hospital and dental privilages would be nice.
I can't even find a dentist within 40 miles of my home! Also it wouldn't cost that much- how many ex-squaddies have any teeth after 40! Plus its a well known fact we all die before we're 50!

On attempting to get into my old mess for a LS&GC Medal presentation, I was given the 3rd degree by a MGS Nazi who had 3 months ago given me keys to a £45million store. Obviously my driving licence wasn't enough! Even the old- "I was a Warrant Officer here mate!" cut no ice- My papers were not in order!

If there is any MGS punters reading this I wish you all the very worst and try and be nice just once a day to young soldiers entering a camp.
The Aussie get a good deal as well, they even have a government body called defence force veterans affairs which provides them with medical, legal etc cover...

With regards to the MGS a lot of them are crusty old sweats who probably miss shouting at people, so if they can make peoples life a misery in any little way they will...
Q man

Good point, even worse when its old boys the wrong side of 65 trying to get into the museum or similar.

How about an ID card for those that have left the Army?

Despite their difficulty in delivering attrition at the right place at the right time, the septics seem to have the veterans side sorted.
the Yank army has no idea about war fighting , but at least they can look after their Vets
Flip_Flop_the_Gog said:
In the US " veterans (3 years+) get treated in US Military Hospitals for free
NHS hospitals ring a bell? They're free and you dont even have to have served for 3 years+.


Theatreman said:
Flip_Flop_the_Gog said:
In the US " veterans (3 years+) get treated in US Military Hospitals for free
NHS hospitals ring a bell? They're free and you dont even have to have served for 3 years+.
Is that if you can get off the trolley in A&E. Or get a consultants appointment before you die. I think he was genralizing as I did with dental perks etc.

I still believe after giving your working life to the Crown you should get more than a pension at the end of it.
do they not let you keep the underwear?????? :? :? :?
Theatreman said:
do they not let you keep the underwear?????? :? :? :?
Only if the women from whose lines it was pinched don't want it back. :)

The German forces also look after their ex-military. The resettlement packages in particular are excellent. They have some superb military teaching hospitals too.
So let me get this straight - you think that former members of the Armed Services are kicked out of the camp gates and instantly become non-entities as far as MOD/HMG are concerned? You might be onto something there!

And you would like perks like access to military doctors and dentists for said former members? Fellas, I don't want to pi55 on your parade, but it has evidently escaped your attention that Defence Medical Services can barely cope in peace time with the understrength forces they serve. As for war, just check out the Telegraph etc stories of reservists swearing to sign off the second they get back to blighty. It ain't going to happen.

For it to happen, MOD and HMG would have to actually care about the military in the first place. Having been in the military for 20 years now, I can safely say I have yet to see any evidence of such care! (Not that I'm bitter or anything, serving ungrateful masters who kick you in the crutch just after you pull their fat lazy ar5e5 out of the fire!) The day they start actually caring is the day they begin to fund us properly and stop giving every illegal immigrant better living standards than your average squaddie (married or not). :( It will never happen. :cry:


A good thread and one which I hope big brother will read.
Perhaps an approach could be made to some one who writes Recruitment/Retention policy? Is there an avenue for suggestions to such people? I'm sure few who are serving would resent sharing some facilitys with their retired predecessors. The nation as a whole does appreciate its armed forces, (despite the best efforts of some journos) its a shame that Govt are too tight/dissinterested to do much about it.
Never look back.

Once you leave you should be able to stand on your own two feet and look after yourself.

This country is already turning into a 'Nanny State' and now it appears that some of you former ruftie tuftie soldiers want someone to wipe your arrse for you when you leave!!
I here all you fella's on about ex-forces(VETS) and i have to agree!
even though im still a serving soldier, I have to see all the things my old mans not entitled too that i am, and he did 22 yrs!
Several of you fella's spoke about the US Forces and all thats available to their VETS, Im currently stationed a McDill AFB Tampa and to be honest 80% of the cars going through the main gate are VETS or dependents! just visiting for the cheap fuel and PX.

In the US " veterans (3 years+) get treated in US Military Hospitals for free

Working alongside several SPAMS , Ok in moderation. Always gabbering on about this and that. The big thing about the 3 years + is that they are then "Fedral employees" so all medical treatment is free. Case in point,
One SPAMS dad had a brain Haemorrhage ??spelling? Anyway in intensive care for weeks then rehab etc with the SPAM BUPA type hospital. Bill drops on the doormat for $780,000.00 . Dad was a Vietnam vet with 3+in . So Uncle Sam pays.

Don't ex service pers have priority over civvies at the Military hospitals??, Oh , there all closed.


Ex service Septic tanks can also opt for a mil funeral once the celestial umpire calls "time".

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