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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Radovan, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. I know of a policeman who is looking for an activity for some of the more mischievous youngsters on his patch. I suggested the ACF, and remembered seeing a link on ARRSE to a study or report that was written by someone, about how getting involved in the ACF had basically turned his life around. Can anyone give me a link or some info on where I could find this report or anything similar?
  2. Radovan, as mentioned previously, i get incredibly concerned that some of your posts are designed to provoke a response. It might be worth concentrating on the worsening relations with Argentina or the fact that some sicko just raped an 11 year old girl than what cadets are doing.

    If you arn't a journo, i suggest you stop sounding like one, as i get distinctly uncomfortable replying to you fearing im going to see this stuff in print. If you have genuine points to make or questions to ask, use the PM system to some of the more learned members of the site (Flashman, Country_Bumpkin). They can provide a response without it turning into rants like this and without others supplying wrong information.
  3. [​IMG]

    you’re a tad paranoid don’t you think?
  4. Lol, no, thanks for that though, brightened up a boring morning of typing!!
  5. Well after a fair but of digging around ARRSE I did manage to find what I was looking for.

    The link to the study I was thinking of is here and the thread it originated on is here.

    Xplosiverab, I appreciate that a couple of posts I've made could be seen as a journo fishing for a story, but I would have thought that if you looked back through some of the more serious posts I've made on ARRSE, you would clearly see that I am not. If you're still worried, feel free to PM me and I will provide you with links to a couple of other websites that I frequent, that will hopefully put to rest any fears you may have about me.

    In any case, what's wrong with a journo wanting to write a story about the good things that can come of being a member of the ACF? Surely that is just the sort of publicity that the ACF would want?
  6. Radovan, I don't know if you're aware of the ACF Outreach programme? There's a little about it on the ACFA website:

    It's a spin-off that the ACF offers to the local community. It isn't very widespread just yet, but we're quite involved up in the North. Basically we take a couple of dozen juvenile delinquents (mostly) or kids with low self-esteem and do lots sports, adventurous training with the odd bit of military bullshit thrown in for good measure. We try and mould together a team while identifying and amplifying the strengths of an individual. It has a good success rate - in fact it has been mentioned that up to 90% of kids who do the course keep on the straight and narrow afterwards.

    Xplosiverab, nice you consider me a learned member - you make me blush Sir!
  7. Thanks C_B, I've forwarded that link on as well.

    I know of this policeman through a Tall Ship Sail Training forum I also post on, and although tall ship sailing can have an extremely beneficial impact on young people's lives, you have to be 16+ to go, and he wants something for those in their early teens. People on that forum have already suggested the SCC, but that's only because they may have the oppotunity to sail on the SCC's own tall ship, TS Royalist. I'm trying to sell the idea of the ACF to him, as I feel that there are probably more opportunities for character building type activities and scenarios than the SCC.
  8. Not the case I'm afraid. Nothing to pick and choose between the two organisations, both fully involved in DofE Award Scheme. Any differences that there are (apart from uniforms and drills of course) are entirely a function of the ability and aptitude of the AIs leading the kids.
  9. I'd actually argue that the SCC has more challenging adventurous activities open to young people on a more frequent basis whilst rewarding those activities through certification to recognised National Governing Bodies, something a lot of ACF's neglect to do!

    (BTW I'm an ACF Officer)
  10. granted a lot of acf units neglect these activities.but it desnt mean the oppourtunity isnt abacus said it's allup to the motivation of the instructors to provide the best for the kids that they can-it may take a while to find out how and it may mean going out of there way to do it.but if it benefits the kids then its worth it
  11. I think what makes life harder for the ACF is the shit-rolling-downhill effect. (If you will allow the sweeping generalisations:) Regular army looks down its nose at TA. TA looks down its nose at Cdts (& Cdt AIs). TA then complain that they don't get any recruits from the ACF and the Regs complain that TA aren't up to the job when they get them on Ops.

    Now I'm not suggesting that we embark on a multi-level bezzer fest but perhaps if both Adult services (TA & Reg) were to nurture the ACF the same way the RN & RNR nurture the SCC we might be onto a recruitment winner. Just a thought, and after all the way forward under FAS seems to be closer pairing between Reg and TA so why not carry that through to its logical conclusion...
  12. What I was getting at was that a large proportion of the SCC's syllabus is challenging activities, not millitary stuff, therefore done on a much more frequent basis.
  13. My thoughts about the ACF having "more opportunities for character building type activities and scenarios" were that the ACF is the organisation where you're going to be roughing it a bit more, living in the field, getting cold and muddy and all that sort of stuff. As murphy63 said, really it's down to the instructors what the cadets will get up to and this will vary from detachment to detachment and between the service the unit is affiliated with.

    In any case, this policeman doesn't seem to think that the people he's trying to help would show the necessary commitment to become actively involved in a cadet organisation. I don't know if he's looked at any of the links I gave him, or if he has any previous experience with any cadet organisations, but he's the man on the ground so knows the situation better than anyone. I also gave him links to the OTC & ACF board on ARRSE as well as the Sea Cadet board on RumRation so that he could post some questions, but whether he will visit is another thing.
  14. look...if the ACF weren't at the bottom of the pile, it would be the i'm happy with situation thanks!
  15. What sending cadets on Ops? 8O

    I think the main problem is lack of time. Closer links with our local ACF units is something I'd like to do, but sadly it never gets off the bottom of my things to do list. As for looking down on them, I've never done it, as with any team 1/3 are good, 1/3 are OK and 1/3 are probably poor. The size of the groupings may change, but you sadly the 'poor' are always with us.