Benefits is Australia

Are there really like this:

In Australia if a person on benefits refuses a job offer - then that persons benefits are taken off them.
Also, no benefit is ever higher than the minimum wage.
Once benefits have been paid for two years, the people receiving the benefits then get switched over to the 'Work for the Dole' scheme whereby they carry out community benefitting work such as cleaning and street sweeping etc and they have to compulsorily attend or their benefits are taken from them. Needless to say, there just isn't a culture of people on benefits in Australia!!!
Why dont we do something similar here.... after all it isn't rocket science!!!

Read more: '£500-a-week? I can earn more on benefits!', unemployed driver tells stunned haulage boss | Mail Online

Seems like a great idea.

Afraid someone has been telling little porkies!!,if you are unemployed you are put on a payment called Jobsearch and given a little diary in which you have to enter details of jobs you have applied for, the jobshy sit in the pub or club with the mobile phone and the yellow pages and just phone random companies asking if they have any jobs!!unemployed couples with 2 or more kids really dont have too work with their benefits and allowances they can get up to 350 pounds a week of the govt and petrol and food vouchers off the salvation army and other charities, of course drunks and druggies get medically certified unfit for work so they get their 8oo ponds a month cash in hand for nothing, it is only pensioners that get treated like shite here in Australia
Totally agree with Nignoy. Australia has as noticeably large and feckless element to its society as anywhere I have seen in the UK. Sure some of the rules of the game are different, but the result is the same for those who will apply more effort into doing no work for free money......its great to be a tax-payer here, and not get the vote!....but the urban scumbag drunks can, guess its called democracy...(now that's worth a thread in itself!)

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