Benefits for TA members while in Aus.

I've had it on good authority that a Memorandum of Understanding between the TA and the Australian Army Reserve will be signed off in 2 weeks that will allow TA or Reserve members to parade with their counterparts when overseas.

IE; If a bloke's in the TA in the UK and is travelling/working in Aus he can parade with his local Army Reserve unit and earn a few quid. Clearly the reverse would also apply.

Link to follow once signed off.
I think you'll find that MOU is in place already, I know a few Aussie Reservists who have served with the TA, the tricky part was/is deploying on OPs. I have only ever met a Canadian Reservist down under.
That's what I thought - maybe the "new" MOU is going to address that? Still waiting to find out more....

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