Benefits for booze

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mon_colonel, May 5, 2010.

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  1. I know its the Daily Mail but how can "kicking off in crowds" be deemed a disability and awarded with incapacity benefit by the goverment ? I don't normally post on articles such as this but I would quite happily wrap a bat round this twats head and see if he still wanted to "kick off ".
    It would seem working for a living is a mugs game these days.

    Benefits for booze
  2. I note the "family" have a brown baby. It's a Harry Enfield sketch, right?

  3. hasn't anybody told his eyebrows what colour his hair is?
  4. Hahahahhahahahahahahahah

    The article seems to suggest he had his first kid at 18, with a 15 year old. Surely there's been plenty of time to rip him into shape given that he is now 42.
  5. Arrogant chav cnut. You would just want him to have one of the low numbers when the reducation camps start opening for business...
  6. This has to be some April Fools day wind-up surely?

    Dad claims he can't work because of a violent personality disorder and drinks to help 'cope with it' :roll:
    Knocks up his then girlfriend when he's 18 and she's 15. Quality!
    Middle daughter herself is knocked up at 15 and suffers from ADHD (obviously not severe enough stop her concentrating on tasting the chocolate)

    A daily bottle of JD and some Cider tinnies. FFS is this for real?

    Intrestingly, why can't a sophisticated 21st Century nation such as ours pay Housing benefit direct to the landlord/Authority to stop wankers like these abusing the system? Can never work out why Government handouts have to go from one department, via the scrotes, to another. :x

    Edited to add: And why does he do this? Because the system allows him to :(
  7. There are so many quotes in this article that make me want to exterminate the whole family, its difficult to know where to start... not even Matt Lucas could've made it up. Too drunk and badly behaved to get a job but perfectly capable of raising a family... welcome to Brown's Britain.
  8. There's something very familiar about all these stories:

    -The smug looks on all their faces, especially the 'proud dad' (that got a 15 year old up the duff)
    -At least 2 of the kids ginger
    -The mum always looks like the grim reaper's passport photo
    -They always have ridiculously named kids
  9. "Kicks off in crowds", shame he wasn't around the Twickenham area on Saturday. I feel sure he could easily have been cured.
  10. -They're always fat f*cks.
    -They are always asking for more money.
  11. Having had to endure many, many of these creatures from the other side of the DSS counter, I can recommend the sheer entertainment factor of the 'short sharp shock'.

    Never did so myself, but saw others do it, and having a public servant administer a character reading is usually the last thing they expect, and the look on their 'faces' is priceless! :twisted:
  12. So basically this cunt gets seriously pissed up, goes out and kicks off in crowds but it's not his fault, it's a disability? Since when has being drunk and disorderly and causing affrey been a fucking disability??

    These arrseholes are the stereotypical pond life that is taking over these fair shores of ours and they are all home grown!! Living the way they do through a soft government, obviously getting far too much money if they can manage to spend a grand per child (so that's 5 grand in total) at Christmas! And the call themselves decent? they claim injustice that their Daughter got pregnant (at age 15 - isn't that classed as statutory rape?) and hasn't been given her own house? She suffers from ADHD? Well it can't be that bad as she manage to concentrate long enough to let some chav shoot his load up her.

    Fuckers like this should be sterilised or put down for the sake of humanity!! Cunts!!
  13. Look and learn. They should be teaching this on resettlement courses.
  14. Probably to do with yoomin roights, or more likely "empowerment". The Chavs are paid direct to give them the life experience of dealing with money.

    Only problem is they then spend it on herb & white cider rather than paying the rent. That's why rent default rates are so high & many landlords reluctant to take on DSS cases...