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Looks for some advice please

I have received a letter for a compliance interview. I am in receipt of ESA and had been working whilst in receipt of benefit I notified hmrc and wrote to the DWP when I started work last summer. I have since left the job as it was too much for me still as I still on strong pain medication and still suffering from my injuries. After receiving the letter today it panicked me but I am now thinking I never did receive confirmation from them about starting the job but as it was in Lock down find t think too much of it.

I am unsure of what to expect and quite rattled.
1) How much were you working (as in how many hours per week)?
2) how much were you earning?
3) was it arranged through a job centre Scheme or something?

As I recall it, you are allowed to work up to 16 hours per week, and take home up to about £125 per week, as ‘permitted work’. It used to be the case that this was only for 6 months unless you were in the support group, but I believe this changed to allow unlimited period as long as you did not exceed the hours or take home pay requirements.

So, you. may well not be in trouble at all, depending on the nature of what you were doing and how many hours/wages. Either way, I would suggest your best defence may lie in the fact that that you *believed* you were doing permitted work but misunderstood the rules.

As you had taken steps informed them (useful note, you have informed them in writing and they might have failed to note it down properly in the system or not processed a large backlog of letters, if you claim to have written to them about it (but are otherwise in compliance with the hours/£ rules) then there’s little they can do, they will have to give you benefit of the doubt)
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