Benefits Cap Begins Today

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Apr 15, 2013.

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    The cap is first applied by reducing housing benefits.

    Private landlords, receiving housing benefits direct because of benefits tenants previously nicking their housing benefits, will actually be bearing the brunt.

    Blair legislated that benefits tenants of private landlords must be entrusted to handle their own rent money. Landlords could only get paid direct after the tenants had pocketed two months rent money. Hence benefits tenants said Ta and across the land they nicked two months rent. What is the difference between that and stealing cash from the landlord ? Or defrauding benefits. But Blair legislated it was not a crime.

    IDS has taken a leaf out of Blair's book. Talk a good fight about dealing with dependency culture then pass the load to what he hopes are the broadest shoulders. The hardworking landlords.

    If landlords, affected by this, think of themselves as a business then the fact would be that to continue trading would be unlawful. To delay returning keys to lenders and winding up would be unlawful. The longer the delay the greater the negative equity or reduction of equity will be.

    I await with interest as the scheme rolls out and in the Autumn it is followed by Universal Credit when Councils and Housing Assns will join private landlords in being unable to get the rents paid.
  2. Well, that means the feckless scum element will be self evicting themselves by not paying their rents and be no longer eligible for social housing.
    I'm sure they can get the necessary cardboard boxes to live in from one of the bigger supermarkets.
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  3. Watching the BBC breakfast news interviewing a Government minister this morning, the presenter seemed to be saying that the Tories were being nasty to the unemployed by this measure and didn't seem to be interested in the government's argument that there were many working families who were taking home far less than the £500 a week that was now coming into force. Of course the left wingers would suggest that the Tories should make up the difference to the working families to those who survive on the pittance that those who are out of work and not deprive those people who are without a job of their benefits but they never say where the money's to come from. So long as it's not from their pocket they don't care.

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  4. 20 years to late, but lets see the never washed and lefties bleat how unfair it is.
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  5. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Strangely enough, some private landlords set their rents at the maximum allowed by housing benefit, even if the property would not rent for that much in the private sector. So the landlords that will most bear the brunt are those with unrealistically high rents renting out to claimants on benefits.

    I think you'll now see them reduce their rents to the new limit rather than risk them having a property without tenants.

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  6. Benefits Cap Begins Today

  7. It seems terribly generous to me but it's a start I guess.
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  8. Oh what a dreadful brutal country we live in where the poor are only allowed a maximum handout from taxpayers equivalent to a £35,000 year job.
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  9. It is somewhat tricky to argue that the State should pay, as normal behaviour, more money than someone could earn as an average salary for nearly all claimants but some moron will try.
  10. Very true; landlords around my way get approx £100 pm more from the Social than from their private tenants. One of the problems is that individual flats are not assessed, there is a price for the postcode and if the rent is in that range it's not challenged. So you get couples who live in one flat but claim as individuals for two flats and get a bung from the landlord. I think it's called rent checking, or similar.
  11. I forgot to mention that's the same money without paying any tax at all. To have that much money in cash a working person would have to earn a lot more...
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  12. I agree! It's truly shocking!

    Look at the professionally non employed family living next to me, their new car, and I mean new as in bought new Peugeot MPV, is now 2 years old!
    And they have 2 other cars.

    And here's me, a gold plated D grade Civil Serpent swanking about in a 10 year old Honda with 98,000 miles on the clock.
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