Benefit System Madness

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smallbore, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. There is small private hospital in the South-West where Mrs SB works.

    The hospital has to have a doctor on call; every hour of the day. This is normally filled by a junior doctor who does two weeks on and two weeks off. The job is a bit like QRF - lots of sitting around waiting but never allowed to be more that 30 seconds away from the building. The doctors that do this are usually foreign (but properly qualified).

    Dr Anna Czeck ( as I will call her) is from the former Czeckoslavakia. She has a husband and small child in the Czech Republic.They have never left the Czech Republic. She flies over to the UK to do her two weeks duty then flies home to spend two weeks with her child and husband, and so on. It is a good earner for her - she spends literally nothing while at work and earns more than she would at home. (No objection here).

    Since she is a UK taxpayer (for a short period) she claims child benefit for her son, who has never left the Czech Republic and will not for many years.

    She has finished that contract and is now working back home in the Czech Republic, however, child benefit will continue to be paid by us, for a child that has never been in the UK, until he is 18.

    What a good idea.
  2. This might well be IBRO or International Benefits Raiding Organisation, that hush hush organisation charged with taking Britain to the cleaners, right under the noses of dozing politicians and the DWP. You heard it here first, don't forget. To date, we've lost around £400M from the National Insurance Fund. A DWP spokesman commented "we have to stop teenage mothers and the elderly from making extortionate claims , this is ridiculous. Our newly installed Amstrad CPC series of 8-bit home computers will go some way to achieve this".
  3. Its called the fairness agenda - whats wrong? are you some sort of Nazi?!! This is simply part of paying back thousands years of vile British Imperial oppression!!??!!
  4. Sounds very much like the joys of what Serco have encouraged with there out of hour GP service in Cornwall, all part time EU imported Labor...

    The importance of importing because of value for money to the TAX payer is of course what Labour have told us. rather than train as required and employing our own skilled medical professionals or even negotiate a decent contract which would have seen local GPs provide this service.


  6. MY bold and the point were it falls on its ass in many cases, unfortunately. :x especially if they are not informed by the claimant.
  7. That is outrageous.
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Don't you have to ring up and tell them to stop it ?
    If you don't they take you to court but if she's abroad can they take her to court or will it just get written off if they do catch up with her ?

    IIRC there was a case before of a couple claiming for 12 kids despite being 50+ and living ion a 1 bedroom flat
  9. No its a consequence of cutting back on aspects of HMCR and DWP while contracting out with gay abandon to the lowest bidder for support services and IT provision while ensuring that the immigration service is constantly tonked about with re branding and mission statements while cutting back on front line staff for years, bla bla bla bla, etc etc etc...

    Labour you just have to love them....
  10. By what Sherlock Holmes like powers can all these people on ARRSE, who have never met this lady doctor, tell that it is her intention to commit a major fraud on the taxpayer by not declaring a change in her circumstances at some time in the future? Remember we are talking about a real person here, who (assuming that she exists) can be individually identified from the information given by the original poster.
  11. By displaying this attitude hackle the outrage bus will never leave!
  12. Have to say haven't seen outraged posts per se, with the exception of 'PCLG' more the justified opinions on a failing system. Which is the real problem.
  13. A simple tip off to the DWP benefits hotline should do the trick - I believe you can even email them to look into suspected fraud - or "non-entitlement" anonymously.

    Outrage over!
  14. Spanner its not so much about dobbing an individual in rather that, benefit is paid in the first place, and then badly adminstered. Try going to Europe and claiming anything if your not a national of the country.

    Oh and while we are on this why is every form and application now in a multitude of languages, if you need something translated in most other country's you would have to hire a translation service.