Benefit payments to exceed income tax receipts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pork_Pie, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. Torygraph

    Would have helped if the story had also given details of receipts from corporation tax, VAT, etc. However, the basic message remains scary, and makes you wonder about the future of the country.
  2. The future? I don't wonder at all. Unless we see serious and meaningful change on a vast scale there is no future for this country. Brown has sepnt money at such a rate he ran out and has been borrowing it on the never never to continue the spending spree.

    We really have hit the game over point, just nobody seem to be prepared to do something about stopping the cnut. You only have to listen to his latest climate change bottomless pit fund plan to realise we are fooked. I kid you not, the game is up. The coffers are way past empty but the spending is still out of control.

    Oh and Ashie, don't bother responding you clueless cnut.
  3. [quote="Pork_Pie] and makes you wonder about the future of the country.[/quote]

    And makes you wonder about the future of benefits.

    Which many ex-servicemen (like myself) depend upon.
  4. I still think that the answer is to turn able bodied benefit claimers into a manual labour force. Get them out the door and get them providing something for society. They will either work hard for dole money or find jobs elsewhere.
  5. Exactly. Why is unemployment benefit seen as a 'free good'? Work for it - it will prevent you from becoming idle and feckless, provide a sense of self-worth, maintain a track-record of 'get up and go', will benefit the country and, if you are really idle and feckless, it gives natural selection the opportunity to thin out the gene pool.
  6. That has been suggested many time here on Arrse (including by myself)
    The simple fact is that the country is now so far down the financial toilet the treasury is effectively already printing money to keep up its commitments.
    Its political suicide for whoever does it but the benefits system has to be reduced in cost, dramatically.
    The harsh fact is that us poor overburdened taxpayers are going to be paying for this mess for at least a decade. Has Mr Brown considered what happens when we all decide enough is enough and emmigrate?
    I for one am tired of paying through the nose for lazy, workshy cnuts to sit infront of widescreen tellies all day (and thats just the thieving bastard politicians)
  7. Work for food tokens & rent payment or starve in the street with your offspring.
  8. What track record? :?

    Most of the worthless scum haven't got clue what work is, those that do know, get up in the mornings and try chasing non existant jobs. (Non existant to Joe public that is.) They were there but are filled from within or off the "old boy/rolled up trouser leg" network, they are only advertised to comply with the law.
  9. I did hear an idea recently that dole should be paid in the form of a cheque addressed to your housing provider and the rest should be food tokens. No actual Cash given.

    I wonder how well this would be recieved. Not by the Dole Collecter but by the tax payer who is funding it.

    As has been mention any Massive review of the benefit system will have to be done by the next government as firstly, the current government don't give a sh1t about anything but their own survival and secondly a chop of benefits would be political suicide (Which when you review the first point explains why labour won't do it).
  10. In order to reduce the cost of welfare, I doubt the actual "dole" needs to be reduced. Just make people work for it. When benefits living is no longer an easy option, loads of them will find regular work.

    OTOH. Not everyone on benefits is a scrounger. Some are genuinely trapped. Therefore another winner would be to make it impossible to be worse off working than just claiming.

    The whole benefits system is up shiz creek.
    1. Some people make it a lifestyle choice.
    2. Some people are trapped by being financialy penalised if they return to work.
  11. "those that do know, get up in the mornings and try chasing non existant jobs. (Non existant to Joe public that is.) They were there but are filled from within or off the "old boy/rolled up trouser leg" network, they are only advertised to comply with the law"

    Much truth spoken there I think.

    My son wants work experience- it is an educational requirement but the school system tells him to find it- and like most of his class has ended up shadowing his parent because very few businesses are interested

    My friends children, 18 and 21 have written a sackload of applications for career jobs and not received a single reply- both have good education/good references from previous part time work

    A 60 year old made redundant not had a reply to the 50 applications he's made for advertised jobs.

    Benefits are needed but how can you split short term need from lifelong sponging?
  12. Quite simply, you dont. You make being on benefits "essential items only".

    Supply vouchers that are redeemable for food/Utilities/rent or mortgage bills.

    Vouchers contain the Name and Address of the person, and must be backed up by photo ID (Driving License/Passport) or a Utilities bill with the persons name and Address.

    If you want to buy fags/booze - get a job.

    This means that whilst you can live off benefits, you wont be able to buy any luxury items and there will be a clear incentive to get off your ass and find a job.
  13. Our country works off a system where the Rich are rich because the poor are kept happy by the rich. Unfortunately us lot in the middle pay both of their wages.
  14. I completely agree, perhaps I phrased it badly and should have asked,

    How can you make it work?
  15. Which would, of course, require derogation from Human Rights legislation because making people use vouchers is considered 'humiliating'.