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Anyone able to give a bit more info on my BIS - explanatory notes not very clear and I know it's not a forecast.
As I look at it is it saying I get 2 lump sums, pension and EDP payment ?


Forces Pension Society

As you have reached the AFPS 75 Immediate Pension point, if leave you now you will receive theAFPS 75 pension quoted and the lump sum (3 times the pension quoted). The AFPS 15 pension is deferred until your state pension age but you could claim it as early as age 55 at a reduced rate.

As you have served at least 20 years and are at least age 40, you are entitled to AFPS 15 Early Departure Payment benefits which come into payment immediately. It comprises an annual income and a one off lump sum worth 2.25 times the income.

So, yes, two lump sums, a pension and an EDP income.

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