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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tremaine, Dec 5, 2009.

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  1. "Countless taxpayers struggling to make ends meet during the recession will agree" Daily Express today. Not only based on immigration, which should defuse the lunatic fringe somewhat, but apparently a balanced article. Trying to get veterans and high needs people on to the housing lists, and into suitable housing, is a bl**dy nightmare, I should know.

    Maybe stories like this are the reason why so many are struggling to get a small Flat, anywhere, simply because of stupid rules, "positive" discrimination , and local authorities behaving like arrseholes?

    My view? this stinks and not afraid to say so.

  2. It's not the local authorities who devised the housing benefit system. Perhaps it needs to be abolished - yes abolished. Then pay benefits to a ceiling fixed in relation to the average wage, whilst also abolishing all the other bits and pieces such as free prescriptions etc, and let everyone live within their means.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Better to pay benefits in proportion to what you have contributed. That would give the workshy wasters something to think about.

  4. Local authorities might not have devised the HB system, but does anyone honestly think that hardworking taxpayers looking for social housing get a look in in those places? Try visiting any authority, anywhere, looking for housing with your family, in a hurry, and see how far you get.
  5. Then at the end of the article it says

    "Have your say is unavailable for this article"

    I wonder why?
  6. "Single mother *****, 36, and her seven children receive almost £3,000-a- week benefits to pay the rent on the seven-bed-room property and insisted this week that they were going nowhere. they are just two examples of a housing benefits scandal that is costing us millions of pounds a year."

    Comforting then; that they aren't ex service, differently abled, living on £50 a week, in a Bedsit on a sink Estate somewhere, waiting for charity, under a system that does the kind of things which this article describes.
  7. What surprises me is that nobody has defended this or denied that it is happening yet.

    I do not like paying taxes but I do see the need to. It is bloody anoying when that money is just wasted. I agree with having a welfare state as something to prop people up should they fall upon hard times. I despise the idea of it being a lifestyle option and that it is possible to suffer financially for leaving it starting work.
  8. I have experienced first hand the " positive descrimination " effect when I applied for a house,flat....anything at all in my parents town in Hampshire.They are pensioners just above the breadline, but have the misfortune of living in a originally quiet town that has become popular......average cost of a flat without bills is £900 a month.

    They are both disabled and struggling due to their generations loathing of asking for handouts,I wanted to be nearby to help out as much as possible.

    4 and 1/2 year waiting list for anything at all in that area.....its not that they do not have a surplus of accomodation, but they do not have accomodation for my particular " special requirements "

    Higher priority because ex-forces ( aparently ) White, Male, healthy, no criminal record, no addiction dependency, no mental health problems, employed, have savings etc etc......every thing that makes you a model citizen actually works against you in the circus of attaining council accomodation.....4 and a 1/2 years.

    The nice lady on the desk did tell me that if i had ticked certain boxes, the fastest they could get me a flat would have been 3 days in a choice of areas.
  9. It's dusty in here....
  10. social housing maggies big idea sell it all off a brilliant vote winning plan and a nice little earner if you lived in a decent house at the home of the sell off.

    Made a lot of sense people who own houses look after them better etc etc.

    Just one problem who or what was going to provide housing for poor people next time?.
    private housing not really short term assured tenacys not really ideal for families or cheap either :twisted:
    build more social housing the capital reciepts are apprantly still avialable.
    torys hate social housing and people in it.
    nulabor thats terribly old fashioned not intrested.

    So only the most needy people get housed not brilliant because you then get instant ghetto's if there were more social housing not every hosue would be given to the most desperate people.
    Chav scum tend to wind there neck in if they are normal people about.
    my council is now only giving houses on my estate to peeps with jobs no job no nice 3 bedhouse stay in a flat.
  11. Not helped by the proliferation of fast-buck Developers and LA's, milking backhanders and council tax revenues to fund their ego trips. By making private, multi-occupancy rabbit farms out of erstwhile Britain, the Quangos are marginalising vulnerable tenants, as well as those who've genuinely fallen on hard times. Today, woe betide anyone who has a glitch or suffers housing hardship.

    Shelter's views on Social Housing
  12. 49 years of paid work - and paying to the government - why did I not just lie back, do nothing and:


    Anyone here want to see the 'Benefit and Immigration World in UK' at its best:

    visit Tooting and calculate, or ask, the value of the baby buggies (provided by your tax) to start with.

    We have had it as a nation.

    We are now bankrupt and 'ungovernable'. Children, even in the company of their parents, are totally out of control. Nobody is to blame for anything. Nobody can be sacked. Union bosses are starting to rule - again. Debt, as dangerous as disease and drugs, will reduce us to the poorest province in Europe - yet the fanatics 'Bug-Eyes' Balls and his obviously blind wife Cooper and naturally the one-eyed oaf who has caused us to be so beaten, still advocate spending more money!!!!!

    Bliar trying to be a 'big-man', albeit with a minute brain, and losing control of his psychopathic Chancellor, is to blame!

  13. Very true, the 1950's estate were I live has now only got 6 council houses left out of hundreds… guess were the 3 problem families in the area live and guess which houses have the garden walls knocked down and a car on the grass?
  14. Can see the truth in the last post. So, ideally? welfare reform. Close it down and start again, abolish the easy ride welfare system thereby clearing away the benefits culture. And Job Centres? useless and reportedly decades out of date, not fit for purpose.. Close them all down and start again. Limit benefits of any kind and stop immigration, full stop. No more handouts for migrants, and no more benefits for palatial homes, for anyone.

    In reality it's a nice idea but it won't happen in a country that has for decades under any administration, wasted taxpayers money on economic itinerants, housing benefit for crooks, illegals, chavs, and the workshy.
  15. :lol: