Benefit fraud?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Goku, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. I’m associated with a complete waste of space, who among his many failings is long term unemployed and obviously claiming benefits.
    Now there’s nothing wrong with this at first glance as the benefit system is there to help those who fall on hard times, however…
    This bloke has admitted on several occasions that he’s not interested in working, he’s said he’s not interested in gaining qualifications to help him gain a job, he seems almost proud of this and prefers to spend all his time just playing computer games (which are obviously paid for by his benefits).
    I find this kind this kind of attitude disgusting, particularly as my tax money goes towards funding this slob.

    To top it off this chap spends a lot of time trading on ebay.
    He sells rank slides (yes he’s a walt and his walting goes further than that :roll: ) for between £1.50 - £10 depending on the rank and how rare these slides are considered.
    It’s not a lot of money per sale but he appears to be selling quite a lot which obviously adds up.

    I would define his ebay trading as an extra income, but my question is, would it be considered benefit fraud and if reported would it be taken seriously?
  2. Goku,

    If he's a Boyfriend "Dump Him"
    If he's a family memeber "Dis-own"
    If he's just a prick you know "Grass him"

    F*@king benefit cheats get right on my T*ts
  3. Yes, but whether it would be high up their list of targets is another matter.

  4. Simply pass his name and address to the Local Authority and they will investigate it and, if necessary, prosecute for fraud.

    Local Authorities investigate all such allegations of benefit fraud. Many have websites or confidential telephone numbers. My own authority in South Ribble is extremely good at bringing these benefit fraudsters before the court and publishing their names. In all cases, the miscreants are forced to refund their falsify claimed benefits, together with interest plus costs either out of their earnings via an attachment of earnings order, or their benefits if they still entitled to receive them, through charging order over their property, if they have any equity in it, or through the distraint upon their personal property such as a car or other property such as electrical equipment - computers for example.

    Give them a call - I do it all the time because like you, I have no problems whatsoever in helping to support, through my taxes, those people in genuine need of help but I begrudge having to pay tax on my Army Pension and my earnings to support the people you describe.

    Regards and best wishes
  5. Goku, yes it is fraud if it's not declared as a change in circumstances. The LA will show some interest then put the case to the bottom of the pile. Fraud investigators p1ss ball around, and then do nothing nothing, perhaps an interview under caution. Try asking the LA about their fraudulent claims sucess under the Freedom of Information Act. Hit the sod with a shovel, quicker and more satisfying
  6. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    If he's trading on Ebay HM Customs & Revenue would love to give him a little interview.
  7. Well you are all very negative about the successes of the DWP and LA. However, the penalties given by the courts in my opinion do not reflect the crime. If you were to be found guilty of stealing say £30,000+ from a private individual or a bank the sanction imposed by the Courts would be much greater, but as you are only stealing from the general public .........

    And, if I might say, as someone currently investigating an e-bay trader-yes it is taken very seriously by us and also the Inland Revenue for none payment of tax.
  8. True but even with 'other sources of income' he may not be selling enough to exceed the initial tax-free allowance, which is a smidge over £5,000 in current tax year. Then again I have no idea what sort of cash benefits deliver....

    HMC&R apparently have people monitoring eBay for regular/professional sellers. I imagine they're busy!
  9. he's guilty of fraud weather he's flogging enough to make it a worth while proescution is debatable if in doubt dob him into the vatman
    one bloke got to years for and ebay scam mind you he'd madeover a£100 00

    for all the talk of benefit fraud it must be remembered thats actually an underspend where the majority of oap's don't claim all there entitled to

    billions are lost through tax evasion but don't see a poster campign about that do we
  10. So what you are saying, Forces Sweetheart, is that you may earn £5.000 on top of receiving benefits..... is that what you mean??
  11. Some years ago I did a temporary job with the Department for Employment and spent some time with the fraud inspectors. They certainly took benefit fraud very seriously. We would undertake two-week blitzes at Benefits Offices, complete with sneaky-beaky surveillance equipment (van, covert radios, direct link to police to check vehs with PNC etc.). Some were easy to catch - the number of claimants who arrived driving their own taxis on the day for Hussains and Khans to sign on made it like shooting fish in a barrel - but we also followed people, watched their homes and interviewed neighbours.

    Almost all the cases resulted from tipoffs from the public.

    When caught, most individuals are interviewed under caution, made to sign off and warned that if they sign on again they'll be under scrutiny and any infringement will result in prosecution. It usually did the trick.

    So, Goku, report this wastrel to your nearest Jobcentre (ask for the Fraud Team); if he's not actively seeking work, or making himself available for work, he shouldn't be claiming. The first thing that's likely to happen is for him to be called in for interview and asked to prove what efforts he's made to get a job - I signed plenty of scroungers off at this stage. They usually make a new claim straight away, but at least their name is flagged and they miss a few weeks of benefit.
  12. It's probably not good form to comment on what Forces Sweetheart said, but I think we need to clarify what is going on here.

    For the VATman to be seriously interested, the ebay trading would need to be over the registration limit, currently £61,000, a little unlikely.

    For the Taxman to be interested, the eBay trading would need to be part of an income in excess of £5,035 up to April 2007, the figure I'd guess Forces Sweetheart was alluding to.

    I tried to find an equivalent trigger figure for Income Support/Job Seekers Allowence, but I am having trouble making sense of the website. From the income disregards, I'd guess that £20 per week is likely the trigger point where benefit would normally be reduced £ for £ and that fraud could be proved.

    If you think he is getting more than £20 per week after expenses, then please, dob him in.

    Certainly my experience of the DWP fraud staff is that they take almost all tip-offs very seriously and will investigate.

    One thing that looking at the rules of the website for Income Support is how complex it is and the loopholes I can see, for example most goods and services in kind will be disregarded. One thing that is worth bearing in mind is that Income Support receipt automatically gives access to a number of other benefits, free prescriptions, dental care, eye care, council tax rebate or rent allowence etc.

    I am on the management committee of an AIDS charity, we are told that for someone on the highest level of disability allowence, the income and benefits is the equivalent of £23,000 per year, (in 2005), before tax.
  13. Yup - that's exactly what I mean. But you are quite right - the tax issue is completely separate to the benefit fraud issue.
  14. If on benefit (I was on income support for three years) you can earn £20 a week before losing any benefit...but you DO have to declare it.

    Ebay is used by so many now, they do check it, along with paypal accounts, though I'm not sure how they get around the Data Protection act.