Benefit Fraud

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blonde_guy, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. I've noticed recently, that a lot of topics normally slide into a rant about Broken Britain and almost always highlights the fact that our benefitt system is so shit and open to abuse.

    so does anyone have any examples of benefit fraudsters/workshy doleys known personally to you and how they are playing the system?
  2. Yup. Why?
  3. Whet - too 'disabled' through narcolepsy to work, but well enough to drive a car, be a school govenor, 'volunteer', canvasser, and wannabe limp-dem councilor
  4. I'll happily shop my ex-mother-in-law who claimed incapacity benefit for a whole range of illness but worked in her sister's hotel as a cleaner and the local laundromat. PM me for details ;-)
  5. You're a Scouser, this topic covers half your neighbours. :D
  6. I could give you the downing street address of a one eyed jock cnut who is screwing the taxpayer out of a fortune.
  7. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    I've had the unhappy experience recently of having to sit in a Pub in Woking and listen to both male and females gloating how they are "milking the system". They get stupid amounts of Benefit, get rent and Council tax paid and then apply for Crisis Loans as "my fridge broke down and all my food got ruined" etc. PM for details... oh, yeah, and one of the cnuts was bragging about how much he made at the car-boot sale.
  8. This is the NAAFI bar so I'm not looking to shop anyone in, just seeing if Arrsers have had any experience of people making a career out of playing the system, and how!
  9. Yes. Me. I claim a War Pension but it was'nt a war that done for me though UN Security Council Resolution 749 Pension does'nt sound quite as sexy.
  10. Sounds about right if you're a Geordie
  11. Half the street were doing the double when I lived in Belfast but as the UVF had issued a warning, saying that they'd 'deal' with any benefit fraud investigators, I didn't really feel the need to bubble anyone.
  12. Mate of mine, been married for about 20 years. He has worked in the building trade all this time, often working away from home to keep his job. His missus has been claiming dole and housing benefit all this time. taken to court for £50k worth of benifits falsley claimed. I know they were appealing the case but I dont know on what grounds. Even went to her MP for help.
  13. Feck me! You can detect regional accents through the written word?? *impressed*

    ..........then again, I was eating a chicken sandwich at the time so that might be what threw you.
  14. Is there a distinguishing characteristic between the social security spongers and the wealthy hiding there gains from the tax man?