Benefit family in £2 million pound house move

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. Fire up the Bus, get the Works Ticket signed.

    A family who fled war torn Somalia for Britain have exchanged their modest home in the West Midlands for a £2 million detached house in one of London’s smartest neighbourhoods – with the taxpayer picking up the bill.

    Linky Bit

    Got to make you laugh, this.
  2. Nope, not the immediate reaction I thought of. Tears of rage possibly but, thankfully, the restriction in housing benefit is one of the few reasonable changes the current bunch of dithering public schoolboys have announced. Not, of course, that they have actually enacted it yet.

  3. Equally as outrageous...

    ACPO comes under new fire as £1.6m is used on 'perks' for officers | Mail Online

    Or this...

    Civil servants get £40,000 home perk - Times Online

    Or god forbid, even this...

    £1.3m cost of luxury homes for generals: Huge rents for top brass as soldiers live in 'slums' | Mail Online
  4. I'm so angry...I'm going to the shops!
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  5. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    May I be the first to ask why she has a penis like organ upper left?

  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I speak pretty good English and I used to work for the Department of Work and Pensions but I find it very difficult to understand the rules relating to scrounging. How did a family who can't speak English work out how to get the tax payer to fund all this?

    My outrage is not directed at the family they are doing the best for themselves within the rules. If I lived in Somalia I'd want to come to the UK and be relatively free and safe. A pity more people are not prepared to operate within the rules.

    My ire is directed at the politicians and functionaries who allowed this to occur. The people who are so free and easy with other people's money. The people who set out to create a client population where all wealth and comfort is dished out by apparatchiks in return for votes.
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  7. Buiscuits AB.... Looting walt.

    And to Wordsmith.... up 'er wot?
  8. They deserve every penny and anyone who thinks otherwise is a racist. Black cunts.
  9. It is outrageous, why should some rich cunts fleece the tax payer by hogging up more houses than they can live in?
  10. If you cannot speak the Language, you shouldn’t be here! Not racist, just practical. If you refused to speak the identified language in any other country you wouldn’t get anything from the Government!! Why are we so embarrassingly soft at this!! It is typical of the individuals to try and get as much as they can from such a soft and corrupt social welfare state such as UK. Should they be content that they are now safe from harm and can live a live without fear? Of course they should. But while the system still lets people like this get luxuries for nothing then they will always take advantage!! I have a particular issue with all the “poor, impoverished, neglected, disadvantaged people” that come on TV (especially after the recent events) and claim that they are “forced” into live’s of crime and violence and benefit fraud etc cos they do not have any money, when they have in the background a Plasma TV, Xbox, car in the drive and the 5 crying sproglets and all decked out in Bling! I thought the Unemployment benefit was to keep families/individuals fed and housed, not to sponsor luxuries! Again this country is full of idiots that reckon the state owes them an income! Sooner or later the wheel will really come off (as it seems to be getting there anyway) as our welfare system implodes as far more are taking out of it that are putting in!! for my view, as worthless and unimportant that it is I think we should have the following:

    1. Child benefit for the first two children – any more than that you pay for them yourself.
    2. Max of a 3 bedroom house to those on benefits. (If you need bigger then stop breeding or get a fricking job).
    3. All those on unemployment benefits should do 20 hours per week work in the community.
    4. Bring back means testing for the unemployed!
    5. if unemployed for more than 6 mths, you are given a job that the government provides, be it a waiter, street sweeper or traffic warden!! And work for minimum wage.

    I could go on ....but sod all will be done anyway and need to go and feed my fat face!!!

    Rant over.

    I suppose that’s my stop over there!! I’ll get my coat!
  11. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    There's also a bit in the Mail with some more info.

    Housing benefits: Somali asylum seeker Saeed Khaliif's family put up in £2m house | Mail Online

    The rent has gone up substantially.

    Which bring up two questions:

    a) Why were they allowed to specify the property? They should be housed in suitable accommodation, but not the property of their choice.
    b) Why are they not being pursued for their rent arrears?

    Continuing merrily on...

    8 kids on child benefits, plus every other benefit going probably adds up to £27,000 - £28,000 annual income. Not bad for someone who's never had a job in the UK - and hence never contributed a penny in tax.

    Which brings up the question - why was he granted asylum here in the first place? Rules say you have to ask for asylum in the first country you arrive in. Unless he came here directly by boat or plane, we should have shipped him and his family back to the country they first arrived in after leaving Somalia.

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  12. I know a good idea!

    Let's all whinge about it and do fuckall!
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  13. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    But thats the way of the internet warrior and armchair General.

    Could you get the Mrs to send me a gash shot please mate, the cats eaten some tree bark and I need to make it sick.
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  14. The government pay translators to tell these people what benefits they can get.