Benefit cuts for Northerners...about time!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. Another sensible Idea, people up North are on far too much benefit...unfortunatley the Cunts will move darn souff...!

    Newcastle women will become cheaper to take out, Middlesborough would just become a waste land.....oops, it already is!

    A series of suggestions designed to build an “opportunity society” have been outlined in a report by senior Tories, reports the Sunday Telegraph.

    It examined how to make people more employable, reform the welfare system and support families.

    The proposals include paying lower benefits in the North and other parts of the country where living costs are less, axing the retirement age and lengthening the school day by up to three hours.

    The report was put together by members of the 2020 Group, made up of 70 Tory MPs – including cabinet ministers such as education secretary Michael Gove as well as rising party stars.

    The group asked by Chancellor George Osborne last year to draw up policies for the Tories’ 2015 general election manifesto. Energy minister Greg Barker, who oversaw the report, said it was a “blueprint” for that document.

    A “cruel and stupid” idea?

    Speaking to MSN News, former Labour cabinet member Nick Brown criticised the idea of lower benefits for Northerners.

    “Amongst the many problems that the northern regions face are poverty and unemployment. Benefit cuts won’t help.

    “What the northern regions need are a strengthened employment base. People want to work. We haven’t got the jobs,” he said.

    Mr Brown, a Newcastle MP and former minister for the North East, described the proposal as “cruel and stupid”.

    “It’s difficult enough to survive on what is paid now,” said the Labour MP.

    He said the best model to boosting jobs in the north was the system created by Labour of regional development agencies and regional ministers working with councils and the private sector.

    Mr Osborne has already sparked a backlash over proposals to vary public sector pay rates around the country.

    Neil Foster, policy and campaigns officer for the Northern TUC, said: "Despite losing the battle over regional pay for public sector workers, it seems a hardcore group of Conservatives seem hell-bent on further discrimination against the north."
  2. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I think this should have been posted in CA as it actually has some good points. Although I agree with the idea in principle - it shouldn't be 'up North' as such - but in live with the average cost of living in the area that the claimant resides. So places like Reading / London / Oxford would attract a higher level, and places like Suffolk / South Wales / Scotland / NE England would attract less.

    Mind you - if I was a Tory MP - I'd be thinking "Well the NE voters are never gonna tick the Blue Box anyway, so fuck em!"
  3. DC, I put it here just to raise a bite or two, thats why the NE is mostly Labour supports that equates to more benefits for the Idle and people from Redcar....I got a dose in Redcar...the dirty cows...!
  4. Anything that pushes poor people into Salmonds Socialist Paradise can only be a good thing.
  5. Well, they had 13 years to change that. And the RDCs were massive operpaid quangos full of useless apparatchiks that pissed money away for nothing but fake non jobs. It would have worked out cheaper to divy the cash wasted amongst all the unemployed in an area and give them a year to find their own training....

    But they picked a corrupt, incompetent, useless "organization" that provided training barely suitable for chimps and failed to reach quite low targets
  6. You're not exactly Sun Tzu are you fella?

    While looking for bites I tend to find not saying "I'm looking to raise a bite or two" helps.
  7. The hooks still dangling!
  8. Yeah about time the northerners got no benefits at all and are made to work for a living, And if they can`t find a job then they should be forced to work as slaves.
  9. If we draw the new border just south of Worcester I'll be happy.
  10. The North has had an opportunity society for years, take the scousers, they nick your wheels at every opportunity!
  11. Anyone dialed 0800-Chocolatefrog ?
  12. That's original.
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  13. I'd forgotten that Nick Brown was a northern MP, 'Newcastle Brown', kept me chortling for moments. But I am easily amused on a Monday.
  14. Benefits should be assessed on how well the recipient can fight, tolerance to alcohol and Frenchness, leaving Southern cunts to starve in the gutter while northerners see the Bru increased to roughly the same level as Leo Messi gets paid (plus DLA and Child Support, obviously).

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  15. Twice over.