Benefit Culture

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Chodmeister, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. Just been watching local news (Look North) which is running a series this week on how benefit cuts are affecting local claimants. This morning it was an unemployed couple whining that they won't be able to manage when the £500.00 per week cap comes into effect. Three children and a fourth on the way, huge expensive fishtank in the background as they were interviewing the husband. "Trying to give a f**k meter" was struggling to move away from zero.

    Total taken from the benefit pot on a yearly basis £22K. Amount of contributions paid into the central pot, is I suspect, Zero. Why have a fourth child they can clearly not afford? Boils my piss when TV companies interview these wasters.

    When they find people on benefits who are really starving or unable to manage and who don't smoke and don't have 40" plasma TV's maybe I'll be more sympathetic.
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  2. Even if that's a typo, it's pretty close to the truth... :smile:
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  3. blowjobcentreplus speaking how can i help???!!!
  4. yes, just where do these Life Style Choicer Doley Scrounging scum get all those extra large plasmas, cars and leather sofa furniture.... oh yes, I forgot, they work the black economy (hmm, can I say that/), or they rob their elderly pensioner neighbours, or deal drugs to the local Chavs and Vicky Polladrs... then whine and bleat about their stinking Oomin Rites.. 'coz they don't have enough dosh for ciggies and booze...
  5. Canny benefit bandits grip my shoite. Compared to struggling , less-abled lads and lasses pulling £70 a week,half starved and skint, the able and idle workshy crowd are fcuking laughing. And the imminent transport concession cuts won't affect them either.

    Here's a radical idea: reinstate the community services for the really needy, and invite the persistent workshy bandits to drive the elderly and differently-abled about, and in fact do anything they fcuking tell them to do.
  6. Those people don't exist because they go out and get jobs.

    However, as much as I dislike professional doleys, the blame doesn't lie entirely with them. Paying people the equivelant of a decent wage for absolutely nothing in return inevitably leads to this situation. When Beveridge suggested the so-called 'welfare state' in 1942, he warned against the five 'Giant Evils' of Want, Disease, Ignorance, Squalor and Idleness - all of which prevail in todays benefit culture.
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  7. Other than buying dodgy cigarettes or driving offences, very few of them are actually criminals. They get leather furniture and enormous plasmas from catalogues like Littlewoods.
  8. A patient of mine was telling me on monday that her kids teacher was doing a lesson with 7 yr olds and asking them about what they wanted to do when they grew up. Two of the children said they didn't want to get jobs and when asked how they'd get a nice house, car and pay for things in general they replied 'social will pay us wages'
    So that's the next generation****ed as well.
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  9. Jarrod, do a turn for society mate, Inject them, their mother with something that will make the lazy bastards sleep for eternity!!
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  10. Beverage like Ol Enoch was a true visionary, unfortunatley the professional doleys are not dying of desease!!
  11. Nothing to do with me mate, my patient works it was someone elses kids.
    I do have another patient though who is late 20's and when I was pushing him to get work - he's only drinking because he has the time and we give him the money, he said he'd rather hang himself than work.
    That is the mentality we've allowed these people to have. Cheers Labour.
  12. Err, yes they are - drinking, smoking and fast food related - but not until they've milked the NHS for hundreds of grand.
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  13. I was more than usually hacked off to read that perhaps* 1 in 8 of those arrested for rioting was on some form of incapacity or disability benefit. Given that most of the rioters were able-bodied youngsters capable of climbing through a shop window and then legging it a few km with an armful of laptops, clearly benefit fraud is being facilitated by some sort of corruption amongst GP s or whoever certified these claims. Maybe some sort of sanction should be imposed against any professional caught bearing false witness?

    *(Newspaper claims examined here: Factcheck: Were 1 in 8 rioters in receipt of incapacity benefits? | Full Fact )
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  14. My mate has literally just told me that his fiancee's sister lives with her bf.

    Now nothing wrong with that, but, said bf is 32 and living with his mum & dad in a shithole in Ely, Cardiff (for the uninitiated, Ely is the slightly softer little brother of Moss side in Manchester). There is also another couple living with them, who are friends of the bf.
    Out of the 3 couples (6 people for those you struggle to count past potato) in that house, none of them have a job.
    The bf also has 7 children, thats right 7 children by different mothers (how many mothers is unclear) and he only see's 1 of the kids.

    When this bf found out that my mate had gotten engaged, he said he wanted to sit down with my mate and have a chat with him about "life".
    I'm assuming this chat would be about how to milk the system for all it's worth.

    As an aside, my mate has not lived at home since he was 18 (he's now 34), he's never been out of work, and he fully supports his fiancee and her 5yr old kid from a previous relationship.
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  15. Are ropes available on the NHS?
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