Benefit Claimants and the shit state of this country - a local view

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Arai, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. I'll be honest - ive been in the army for 21 years. During those 21 years ive always gone back to my home town of Chesterfield when i've been on leave. And, during my leave i always go back to my grandparents house to visit them - on a council estate in suburb of chesterfield. When i was a kid we used to go to my grandparents every sunday and play outside, do all the stuff that kids did in the 80s and never have any fear, the estate was full of working men - good proud men (mostly miners) and little things like hedges were trimmed, lawns were cut etc etc . I went back yesterday.. my grandmothers house is surrounded by chav ******* scum. ******* claimants of disability allowance even though the ***** are up ladders cleaing windows for a quid an hour. i see next door getting into the car with his six ******* kids that i pay for through my taxes, and then threatening me because id had the neck to park my car near his house. i'm talking jeremy kyle shit here. wtf has this country come to when ******* retarded scum feel they have the right to pontificate about nothing to the average bloke on the street. and this is chezvegas, not exactly brixton or moss side - **** this im emigrating
  2. Send us a postcard when you do.
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  3. Did you say anything to him or did you run inside and grab your keyboard?
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  4. Mate, I've said it before, My soul income is my pension, I retired at 43 because I became the gaurdian of my grand-daughter and I'm happy enough with what I've got. But I cannot for one moment stand these idiots who breed feral kids for the sake of benefits.
    The only reason I did this was because, some times you have to make the right decision, and in this case it was about a little girl who needed looking after.
    I sympathise with you fella.
  5. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    I think you answered your own question. 'Good proud men, mostly miners' a generation like the mines all gone. Maggie T. happy to put them on the dole and pay for it with North Sea Gas and oil money. When Howe and Prior challenged her about consigning generations and communities to a life on the the dole, she said they could afford it due to the oil money. Doesn't make the grans area any better but there's a reason for it.

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  6. unfortunately not zero-over. i ended up windmilling with the ****. my finest moment obviously. and a caution from the police... bonus. so **** off..............
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  7. Fair play. You should have plonked this thread into the NAAFI Bar really, there's all sorts of loons showing up and I would have been allowed to swear back at you.
  8. Bloody hell! They clean windows for a quid and hour? The bastards that come and do mine want £12 every fornight and it only takes them twenty minutes including smoke breaks. Have them call me yah?
  9. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Well given that the majority of the time since Maggie was diposed as PM, the government has been the so-called friend of the working man (the Labour Party) that argument kinda rings hollow to anyone with a gram of analytical sense. The left needs to stop blaming an old woman for closing the mines/shutting the factories/cruscifying Jesus/stealing fire from the Gods of Olympus (delete as applicable) and take some responsibility for the shit THEY have helped create. Yes she made a number of policy mistakes but on balance she's the best PM we've had in my (shortish) life span. Not a ringing endorsment, just an indication as to just how shit the other 4 have been.
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  10. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Don't forget stealing the milk, always stealing the milk she was.
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  11. Maggie brought this country to an early industrial menopause.

    She harried the North worst than William the bastard.

    She disenfranchised Britain's youth, finally bringing about the welfare dependent chav.

    She was a witch who cursed the land with her wand, wielding free market Smithsonian doctrine in the same way a 10 year old would wield a belt fed SLR thus laying economic waste to both that & next century. She got kicked out before she had time to plough the land with salt.

    Just my view.
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  12. Apparently people can get their mortgage paid on benefits now too, I know a guy who was a broker in town, had a nervous breakdown apparently, saw him out drinking yesterday. Now he plays on his xbox all day, shags his bird all night, goes to the gym and generally has a nice life and lays in bed till 10am each day. His mortgage will be paid off due to my taxes and he'll have a paid house whilst never having to lift a finger cos he's signed off with mad looney disease or threatened he'd top himself. Yet he still goes to the gym and has a busy social life!
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  13. I think Mrs T gets a bad rap more on tribal than factual grounds.

    More mines closed in both the eleven and a bit years before Mrs T held office and in the eleven and a bit years after she was deposed, than closed under her government.

    The problems with privatisation are not those inherent to private enterprise, they are rather the delayed negative externalities of nationalisation. If the railways for instance had never been nationalised in the first place they would probably not be in such a shit state today. If mines had been operated by a private company, those unionsied people that worked down them would not have thought they could take the piss with pay demands. The relationship between the profitability of the enterprise and them keeping their jobs would have been clearer.

    At least Mrs T could keep the power on seven days a week and did not have inappropriate personal relationships with Soviet spies. Not a ringing endorsement indeed. But after the 1970s the bar was not really set very high was it?

    Just my view.

    Isn't democracy great?
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  14. I would say its a rather common perception from people who actually work for a living, and especially from people who spend a lot of time away from home for extended periods such as the Forces.

    When I came " home " after leaving the army I did not and still do not feel any great connection with my home town apart from my family. Either the locals have some alien concept of work,honesty,getting a grip of themselves etc etc or I have.....Sadly its most likely myself who has an outdated approach and beliefs to how a polite and civilised people should act, maybe its from being in a closed community like the forces...or maybe its the views I had when I first left home and have stayed with me, while the people back home have lost their sense of place.

    Emigrate, were on the last bit of the slippery slope.
  15. What fantasy world of weird poetry do you inhabit?
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