Benefit cheat paying back 50K at nine quid a week!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wag Tail, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. A BENEFITS cheat who ripped off nearly £50,000 has got 106 YEARS to pay it back.
    Lee-Anne Jennings, 42, was ordered to settle her debt at just £9 a week.

    The mother of three raked in the cash over five years by not telling authorities her husband had moved back in with her.

    Her scam was rumbled after Department for Work and Pensions investigators received an anonymous tip-off.

    They found that a car outside Jennings's house in Southampton was registered to husband Roy - who took home £300 a week as a lorry driver and later worked for ship repairers.

    Read more: Benefits cheat given 106 YEARS to pay back nearly £50,000 | The Sun |News

    It grips my shit that once they catch up with this sort of scum the courts then let them waltz out the door with what amounts to sweet f**k all. No doubt they let her keep enough benefits to keep her face stuffed with tabs, the wide screen plugged into Sky and a weekly trip to the bingo etc.

    By the way Roy (the husband) is clearly too lazy to **** if he's gone back to shagging that munter!
  2. Why is she not in prison?
  3. Does she really need two eyes, two kidneys, two lungs? Could the courts not realise some value from these assets?
  4. Her lawyer must be laughing like a ******* drain and that judge needs to have his/her head ******* examined.
  5. Maybe she's an MP.
  6. Husband earns £300 a week as a lorry driver? what does he do work a half week?

    Why don't they just send the Bailiffs in? since when has a new flatscreen TV and whatever other shite they spent £10K a year on been a prerequisite to basic standards of living?!!! If you just charged her just 1% interest PA on £50K she would have to pay back a Tenner a week.....

    When is this country going to get a spine when dealing with people
  7. Or it could be that labour changed the rules. People did used to go to prison for this.
  8. From 2009 - In the UK it is estimated that each new prison place costs £119,000 and that the annual average cost for each prisoner exceeds £40,000
  9. Yes I know I used to work in the prison service.
  10. So, let me get this right . . the guy who ripped off £26,000 worth of Tracy Emins artworks got 16 months. The woman who ripped off £50,000 of tax-payers money gets . . zip. And the law-makers and judiciary wonder why the public have lost faith in the system.
  11. Cheaper to send people to Eton £24k per annum.
  12. It's been widely recognised that most judges live in complete different world than the rest of society & I agree this kind of thing makes society blood boil

    Then you hear the judges plead they are restricted by the Government, justice is still not improving

    Mind you as were all fully aware these cases are not unusual due to the fact they know that even after milking the system for what it's worth the punishment is laughable
  13. But while she is inside she can't steal any more money. I'd rather pay more taxes and see someone punished than have a weak justice system that offers no deterrent.
  14. Aside from giving the ******* bread and water and so cut costs, placing people in nick for their thieving off the state might deter other people from screwing over the taxpayer for 50k a time
  15. the judge didn't send her to prison as her 2 kids would have to be taken into care the paper said, errr no seeing as daddy was happy to move back in daddy can ******* look after his spawn and pay child minders if need be!!!