Bend over Britain....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chemystery, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1.'re in for another butt fcuking.....

    Farage attacks 'disastrous' fishing policy

    Why do we continuously allow the EU to screw us....what do they actually offer us?

    RANT ON GUYS!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Old English proverb? It is a fecking chinese proverb...
  3. I couldn't live further fro the sea if I tried...
    but I have great sympathy for our fishing fleet
    we were screwed years ago..
    and I certainly didn't vote for it!!
  4. I think that politically the UK likes taking a good rogering up the old starfish as a reminder of how easy it is to roll over and play dead for anyone who wants to have a go at us.

    We seem to have developed a lack of political spine recently, unless Broon develops one in the next few hours we won't change.

  5. Surely this cannot be right. What a fecking disgrace, when we are having to pay through the nose for Cod, because it is being overfished.

  6. and, apparently, we pay £1,800,000 an hour, to the EU, for the pleasure.
  7. These f*cking French c*nts are at it again. Not content with us saving their country in two world wars, they shove it up us over our fish. Last i looked, it was called the English Channel. What the f*ck have we got a Navy for? Surely they could do with the gunnery practice? We could then chuck some dead frogs into the water. W*nkers.
  8. We all should be smiling........we have been screwed!!

  9. You idiot i only realised what work safe meant after i opened it! :x
  10. Thanks for that MTS. Shocked the f*cking life out of me. :x
  11. i find that the mental scars never leave you
  12. I agree. My sleep will be riddled with nightmares now you git!!
  13. Would you say that was clockwise, or anti-clockwise?
  14. eeew and I'm eating a kebab...