Bench press or press ups?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by michaelshane06, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. which is best for building size bench press or press ups ?
  2. Bench press by miles. Pressups don't add any significant size at all.
  3. Just think about it for a minute.

    Press up limited by your own body weight.

    Bench press limited by how strong you are (or get).

    Now ask your self which one is best :wink:
  4. Press ups are a maintenance exercise, bench press is development!
  5. Get on the bench and start packing on them plates!
  6. Dont forget incline and decline bench press.That way you build up all of your chest .
  7. A myth. 90% of the chest is made up of the pectoris major. One muscle! Forget the pec minor. Hitting it from a slightly different angle in the form of inclines and declines doesn't specifically work the upper or lower part of the chest any more then performing flat benching. In fact inclines involve the anterior delts more so less chest growth is achieved.
  8. Roger that,yet again I am speaking out of my arrse.Question for you german para bloke.Whats the best when benching,feet flat on the floor or legs bent with you feet resting on the bench ?Ive seen both done however I prefer the later saves aching my rugby worn lower back.
  9. It doesn't really matter too much what the lower body is doing TBH unless you are thinking of competing in strongman contests then the rules are feet flat on the floor.
  10. Cheers ''Student''. No strongman comps for me and my fat arrse.
  11. I agree with this. The bench press can be performed with narrow, medium and wide grips with bench flat, incline or decline so in theory one could hit the chest at 9 different points. We all know this is theory and unrealistic. Keep bench pressing flat with your heavy weights. I found decline made it difficult to control a heavy weight therefore dangerous (it's not a narural pushing position). A slight incline is OK and useful if you have been doing a lot of flat pressing and want to hit the large chest muscle at slightly a different angle. The variation will allow the muscle to grow better this way. Remember, slight incline otherwise you will bring your shoulders too much into play (nearly a shoulder press) resulting in less stress on the chest.
  12. Ths me fucked then no way I an lift that!
  13. I think you misunderstood that part meiktilaman. All press ups are body weight, a great proportion is taken by the legs and a rigid back/torso ensures one is pressing body weight and not loose, dead weight.

    If you have difficulty carrying out a strict press up (hands and feet in contact with the floor only) then press with your knees in contact with the floor to eleviate some weight. Also, press against a table or raised surface so you are not goin down as far.

  14. Mmmmmm thanks for that lol!
  15. The big three basic power exercises, bench press, squat and dead lift are the key to building the major muscle groups, somehow they dont compare to press ups.

    That said, if you do not have access to a gym or weights, then concentrate on a good technique and press ups are fine.