Benazir Bhutto

Mrs B. asked me this morning why on earth anybody should care if Benazir Bhutto actually died from (a) bullet wounds (b) blast injuries (c) blow to the head as a result of said blast chucking her around inside vehicle (d) duff Vindaloo Still dead.

Well here is one answer:

"Numerous political figures have died in dubious circumstances in Pakistan's 60-year history, from prime minister Liaqat Ali Khan in 1951 to dictator General Zia ul Haq in 1988, to the shooting of Bhutto's brother, Murtaza, a few years earlier. None has been satisfactorily solved.

Bhutto's party is convinced that the latest political hit was orchestrated by powerful figures in the government or security forces, in particular the unaccountable intelligence agencies.

It insists that she died from gunshot wounds to support the idea that a sharpshooter may have been involved as well as a bomber. The jihadists don't have good marksmen, the theory concludes, but the army does.",,2254755,00.html

Sooo, a Government sniper was on a rooftop and took his shot at exactly the same moment as a geezer from the away team happened to rock up, crack off a few rounds and detonate his suicide bomb. Sounds reasonable :roll:
And the General in charge of anti-Aq operations in Waziristan died of 'helicopter failure'

Which I suppose was the end result.
Grassy knoll, second/third gunman, CIA/Mafia plot, grassy knoll!!!!

Gerrofff annakey, yew kant, I said it first...............!
Perhaps they should use a pathologist and some decent forensics rather than picking the runes from the dried scrotum of some long dead weirdo.
Ok it was on Sky so it must be true.

Blokey shot at her three times - missed.

He goes for the weapon of mass distraction as she is piling in to the car ( having been stood up) Bomb goes off.

She is pushed forward into the side armour plating by the blast wave causing a dpressed skull fracture and open head wound.

The bods from the met even narrowed the bombers age down to 15 years 6 months apparently.,,30200-1304570,00.html
Channel 4 have just had a long sequence on it tonight where they've agonised over how many milliseconds it was between her head disappearing from sight and the bang. All I could think of was "Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left".

It deosn't really matter how she was actually killed; there'll always be someone who it suits to believe otherwise, and a load of gullible fools who'll willingly die as a result.
Baseplate said:
Grassy knoll, second/third gunman, CIA/Mafia plot, grassy knoll!!!!

Gerrofff annakey, yew kant, I said it first...............!
I don't know what the hell happened. :lol: I doubt we ever will. She was cremated before an autopsy occurred, the crime scene hosed down without hours of the attack. The list of people who wanted her dead is as long as your arm. Where d'you start? I say give up, hand the whole thing over to the conspiraloons, while suspecting the CIA had something to do with it. And the Duke of Edinburgh.

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