Ben Thatcher

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. Just seen the "tackle" on Mendes by this fcuking thug. I am not one for bringing the police into sport, but that hit was GBH, no more, no less. He is a fcuking t*t
  2. Seconded, the guy is a scrawny, f*cking, cnut!!!
  3. To right,the ref should have invited the local bill onto the pitch to take him away.Deserves to be band for a long bloody time,hopefully the FA will do just that.

    Speedy recovery for Mendes
  4. Soory,banned doh
  5. Has anybody got a link for the Thatcher tackle? (Football only please!)

    A few lads in work havent had the chance to see it yet.

    I saw it last night - it was a shocker.
  6. The FA cant just jump in and decide a punishment, unless there is a 'way in' in the refs match report. If they did it would be seen as over ruling the match officials and could lead to calls for other decisions to be over ruled, eg. goals that werent and goals that have been ruled out that were (roy caroll blunder).

    That said, the 'tackle' was just common assault the fecking coward
  7. Should have a been a straight red for violent conduct.

    He only had one thing in mind and that was to wipe out the other player.
  8. So if I did a Thatcher down town on one of you lot with the local bill or even polizei looking on, how fast would i of been lifted and charged and put in a cell with big winston???

    Very quick I think, so why did the police do nothing when a pure act of evil happend. Not even the first time by the way. he has done that kind of thing.

    And Rio only gets a 8 months ban for missing a drug test and this fcuker..........well we will see.

    Rant over.

    Get well soon me pompy mucker.
  9. mendes should have got up the poof!
  10. and of course you would to????? (kn0b)
  11. Wow, missed this cos of a bleedin' job interview (at 9pm??!), anyone elaborate?
  12. Watch Sky Sports mate. Been playing the replay all day. Mendis now back in Pompy after a night in hospital, being watched for the 7 days by neuro surgeon type people.
  13. I agree that was Assault he went straight for the man. No doubt he will get a small fine and short ban.
    Football needs to be tougher on its players.
    I would ban him for the rest of the season, at least. and on reduced pay.
    £5.75 an hour cleaning the ground should remind him how to behave

    Arguing with the ref is another issue that grips my shi**e
  14. The FA rules state if a player receives a yellow card there is nothing more that can be done. Like in our job not being done for the same crime twice. But if you get a red card yopu can appeal against it. Exceptional circumstances not withstanding, these better had be exceptional!!!!

    Give him Boy George treatment and make the fcuker give something back to the community with out pay!!!