Ben Parkinson


I sobbed like a small child. Not afraid to admit it either.
That young man has more bottle than........a big brewery..two breweries i fact


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I watched the news and felt privileged to see Ben Parkinson carry that torch.


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In the sheer face of adversity and through the absolute agony of demonstrating that the cowardice the bastards show, will never dampen the true spirit, determination and loyalty that is, always has been and always will be, the driving force behind every British Soldier, serving and ex. I salute you mate for proving to us all that people like you are like the people we all aspire to be. My respect to you and all those like you...a true soldier.
Hoofing effort but I'd bet even Ben would consider the OP a fanny :) no pity nor adulation required for that lad.
Met Ben twice. Each time I've asked him when he's going to get a decent capbadge! He did Donny proud yesterday.:)


I thought it was very unfair, I cant slag of the Olympics till this has settled down if at all. No idea why the media whor plod were needed to escort him though!


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Met Ben in Headley Court quiete a while back. From what I hear those at headley said there would be no improvement and he'd be wheelchair bound etc....proved them wrong...true grit.

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