Ben Parkinson MBE

With all the work he does for forces charities like Pilgrim Bandits,a very well deserved award...I hope when he meets Her Madge to collect it,all the klingons & 'luvvies' who are there collecting theirs realise that,unlike them,he earnt his the hard way!

His mum deserves it as well.


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Absolutely the best news I have heard in a long time. An honour thoroughly deserved.

I tried to get an application for an honour for him a while back but someone had already applied.
I strongly suspect that HM the Q knows the exact worth of all of those persons put before her by the Government of the day.
Amazing, his drive and determination towards his own personal recovery alone deserves a medal and as I'm personally told is a lovely lad to boot. Indomitable, and the embodiment of the word 'Ubique'!
I see Margaret Beckett is made a Dame and Cherie Blair is to be a CBE. FFS might be a more suitable post nominal for that pair.
I think he has single-handedly restored my faith in human decency. Very well deserved.
Bloody good effort and well deserved
I love the guy, despite his being a para. As I live in the Yorkshire TV reception area I see quite a lot of him. He is an inspiration who moves me to tears from time to time.
I had the honour of meeting Ben, his Mum and Step Dad when they supported a RBL function I organised back in September. Not a bad bloke for a Gunner. ;-) The image of him carrying the Olympic Torch will live long in the memory. :)
I hope he dosn't get too near all the sporting 'heroes'; it would be rather embarrassing for them to be seen with a real one. Well deserved award.
Nice one, well deserved!

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