Ben Parkinson learning to speak again

This wonderful news ,Ben i hope you continue to make progress .

lots love

But he urged them to carry out surgery to straighten his damaged spine earlier this year - risking possible paralysis - and the results have astonished medical experts.

The operation has brought a huge improvement in the young soldier's lung function, and with regular speech therapy he is now talking far more clearly, and managing without his voice synthesizer.

His speech has begun to return over the past two months and has coincided with a marked improvement in his ability to walk since he underwent a major operation to straighten his back in March.
Having already kicked fcuk into the Government over his compo, it sounds like he's on way up. A shining example to all wounded soldiers.
Chuffed to bits, so much bad news lately, nice to hear something good.

Anyone hope his first words? were "Broons a cnut!"?


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A fine example of determination in the face of fortitude.

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