Ben Parkinson "can keep job"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Run_Charlie!, Dec 28, 2008.

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  2. This doesn't sit comfortably with me for some reason. Although I am pleased for him.
  3. Im glad he can as it what he wants and he will continue to get the best care possible whilst he is officially still serving but what exactly will he do? Also, surely it opens the floodgates for people who have been MD'd for far more trivial conditions to say "How come I wasnt allowed to stay on?"

    By no means a pop at Ben, the man is one of the country's true hero's and deserves to be treated like one.
  4. Whilst I applaud Ben's service and sacrifice, the decision to allow him to continue serving raises the question of "what exactly will he do/can he do?"

    I wish him all the best in his future health but seriously think that an MD with a generous war pension is the best way forward.
  5. I seem to recall one of our own who lost both legs to a PIRA IED was kept on at CCRIO for a number of years until he finished his 22. I'm sure something will be found for him, but you're right about MD's but with an MD it's a matter of how employable are you in an E1/E2 capacity also does the individual WANT to continue in the armed forces with a non existent career path or start afresh in civi street.
  6. Surely it should not be beyond the wit of man to find a desk job that he can do; he is military and therefore will be in a military environment, probably better than a civvy to do things like stores jobs, or have they all been privatised? I would like to think that we could keep his skills within the Army if he wanted to stay. If he can do an appropriate job, keep him; the Army hasn't got enough recruits as it is.
  7. And this is the crux of the problem: If LBdr Parkinson can be found an appropriate job that he can carry out satisfactorily then of course he should be allowed to serve his full career in so far as he remains capable of doing said job. He would also serve as an inspiration to some of the whinging young scrotes that blight many Units these days. "Complaining about having to work when you have a (insert minor ailment here)? Go and see Bom Parkinson in the QMs sonshine...that will put your whining in perspective" Hopefully this will be the case and this proud young man will be allowed to soldier on. My cap is well and truly doffed.

    My earlier post was a bit of a knee jerk reaction, I hadn't given much thought to Ben's obvious determination to crack on.
  8. I screwed up my shoulder and was pensioned out - Wasn't given a choice even though I wanted to stay and could have done a different role.

    I think this is good for Ben as it's what he wants - but stinks to high heaven as a publicity stunt.
  9. I don't wish this soldier any ill will. His bravery is beyond question. I do question those who feel employing this young man in a military environment is suitable. Sometimes good leadership involves taking tough decisions on behalf of somebody less able.

    This will not be an inspiration to young soldiers to see a man so horifically injured being wheeled around the Bks. He requires specialist attention and the money spent keeping him in ( and it will be considerable) would be better spent looking after him properly.

    He is being used as a Govt stunt and this allows the responsibility for his care to be side lined.

    As for Baldrick 66's claim about the guy at CCRIO. I knew the guy (not well) and it was shameful the way he was kept around like a unit pet. One of the MPS guys' jobs was to put him in the dumb waiter to transport him up to Mess meetings as we didn't have a lift. He became a shadow of his former self and people quickly forgot about the price he'd paid and complained about 'Ironside being a miserable old get'

    He only hung around until he could be correctly compensated and then took the firm to the cleaners.

    Good luck Ben
  10. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Cpl Parkinson should keep his job! Use the force, I disagree with what you have said

    Cpl Parkinson is the most injured British soldier to have survived his injuries. Apart from his generosity to others (passim) I would hope that he is an insipration to any solider who signs up and knows that he may be very seriously wounded or killed in conflict. For Cpl Parkinson to remain in the services is a reassurance that no matter how injured you become the service will not let you down. If it comes to pure finances then Cpl Parkinson remining on the books is an investment.

    Yes he is a shadow of his former self but that may be because of his injuries. He isnt a unit pet but a very valuable person to be respected. As for putting him in the dumb waiter, is there none of you who would not carry him up the stairs? If you think that he isnt worth carrying up stairs then your honour is questionable.
  11. I can't help thinking he's being used to push recruiting of the disabled.
  12. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    CQMS... now that is cynicism
  13. That's all very sentimental now, can I have the last 15 years of service back, rank I would be eligible and any back pay as I was injured - Sorry what? I was fobbed off given a pension even though I begged for a chance to heal and get back to fitness? Is this the same service that will not let you down?

    I'm really proud of what our soldiers have done for this country and I wish no-one had to pay the price for it with injuries but it does seem to be a very public case / announcement especially when the government is so hated and reviled. The question that I have is why if he is the most injured soldier to survive is he allowed to continue serving when all of the others aren't?
  14. What sort of a desk job do you really think he could do? How would he be employed in the stores? Why would his skills be relevant when he cannot use any nor can he particularly well pass them on as an instructor.

    I'm sorry but if you remove the rose tinted glasses you will see this as a media stunt and nothing else.

    Do not mistake my distaste for what is happening as a slur on Bdr Parkinson's character or determination.
  15. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Delinquent its not so much senitmentality as a point of principle.

    "The question that I have is why if he is the most injured soldier to survive is he allowed to continue serving when all of the others aren't? "

    Its a compex issue as not all injured will want to continue service. If the do not then an adequate pension should be appropriate. I am very well aware that the current service pensions are not always suitable, but please remember that I am trying to offer my support to those such as you who want to get back into our forces after harm. My influence may be minimal but please accept that I am doing what I can.

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