Ben Mullany dies, Govt interferes with Antiguan Justice

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nigegilb, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. Ben Mullany dies in hospital as news breaks of Foreign Office meddling in Antiguan Law. So much for being tough on crime, this was one of the worst.

    The British government faces a potential diplomatic row with Antigua over the shooting of the honeymoon couple Catherine and Benjamin Mullany after demanding that anyone convicted of the crime will not face the death penalty.

    Antiguan officials told The Daily Telegraph that the Foreign Office attempted to make such a pledge a condition of allowing Scotland Yard detectives to fly out to help in the investigation.
    One senior Antiguan source said British officials initially demanded a signed guarantee from the country’s Prime Minister, Baldwin Spencer.
    The Antiguan interior minister told the Foreign Office that the government could not make any such pledge as the death penalty was decided by the Caribbean island’s judiciary, which is technically independent.
    The British demand to its former colony is understood to have annoyed Antigua’s leadership. Eight years ago, the two countries clashed diplomatically with its former colony after the UK tried to stop the execution of Steadroy McDougal for the murder of a Scottish woman and her boyfriend.

    With Antiguan police struggling to find suspects in the shooting of Catherine and Benjamin Mullany, Britain has decided to dispatch a team of detectives despite the absence of any death penalty guarantee.
    However, the Foreign Office has made clear in strong terms to the Antiguans that it does not expect anyone convicted as a result of a British investigation to face capital punishment.
    A Foreign Office spokesman said that, “in parallel” to the investigation, “we will continue to seek assurances from the Antiguan government that anyone found guilty will not face the death penalty”.
  2. It is a bitter sweet moment. I feel desperately sorry for the couple, and think that maybe his death is a blessing in disguise, if you know what I mean.

    As for Liarbour sticking their noses in, it is just another example of the holier than though attitude of the wnakers

    But at the end of it all, it is just a massively sad thing. Personally, they should skin the culprits alive. On TV.
  3. an excellent idea, if a wrong man is commited and sentance to death the relatives will sue the British govenment for all they are worth.
  4. I'm seriously sorry to hear of the death of Ben, my thoughts go to both his family and that of his late wife.

    Unfortunately you have not linked to the original article, and doubtless the Telegraph has an agenda, although strangely enough they make absolutely NO mention of Labour policy in their article (linked above), only to a Foreign Office policy that has been in force for decades. The BBC similarly make no mention of any political angle, and it is shameful that anyone would seek to pursue a political agenda through capitalising on the tragic loss of two people enjoying their honeymoon

    The death penalty was thankfully abolished in this country many, many years ago, when I was still in short trousers, and there are many people around like me who recall the high proportion of convicted (and hanged) people who were subsequently exonerated and pardoned. Slim comfort to the families of people who lost their loved ones in such a barbaric manner.

    Whatever my personal views, the abolition of the death penalty was the result of a democratic vote based on humanitarian opinion that for once reflected the wishes of the majority of the people, not specifically a labour issue and most decidedly not a "Nu Labour" issue, but a policy now adopted throughout Europe. No matter how much I would want the people who did this slowly and painfully executed, that is not how things are done in civilised countries.

    wompingwillow says it for me in far fewer words
  5. Why should a British government (red or blue) lend out its workers when the end result might be against its policy, a ploicy that has been consistant for the last 40 years?
  6. Because the policy is wrong.
  7. I don't see why we are having any involvement in the case at all. Is Antigua not a sovereign nation? I trust that if British police are sent over there the Antiguan Government will be covering the cost. If they don't want to be governed by the UK then they can sort there own problems out.

    Condolences to the parties involved.
  8. Consistent policy? Isn't that an oxymoron?

    Hang them. All. Yes I am a reactionary, why do you ask??
  9. Anyway, it's easy enough fixed; the Antiguan's say "Yes, we promise not to hang the b@stard when we catch him. Honest. Cross our hearts and hope to die."

    Then they shoot the cnut! :twisted:
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I personally would suspect it has something to do with the Antiguan Police, whilst hailing from a picturesque (if slum - like and generally 3rd world esque in terms on economic development) Island, probably cannot detect the difference between a ring piece and and an elbow. Its natural that our more experienced and better equipped plods would be offered. And after what happened with the Madelaine McCann debacle (and that was from a supposedly developed nation, and an EU partner at that), I can totally understand why the Liarbour hand wringers would want to see a result in this one. Public interest is high, and considering the knee jerk number of initial arrests, Cyclops and the jackals probably saw easy media points by a Met assist. But they can't let someone swing for it..oh no, that would be too much like proper justice, when it would be easier to let the offender out after a 1/4 sentence to re offend.
  11. Those are vile accuracies! 8O :twisted:
  12. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    The final Court of Appeal for Antigua is The Judical Committee of the Privy Council:

    This committee has always commuted any death penalty passed overseas, for areas where they have juristiction, to Life, ever since we did away with the death penalty.
    A non story to try to stir something up.
  13. Given that HMG is prepared to let the Saudis manipulate our - supposedly independent - legal / justice system, it comes as no surprise that they think it acceptable to try and manipulate others.

    In fact, this seems to give us a true indicator of our standing in the world: below Saudi Arabia, but a little higher than Antigua, perhaps!
  14. Old Baldy I am scratching my head on your last. Antigua is fully independent from the UK how can the privvy council interfere?
  15. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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