Ben & Jerrys sorry for Irish "Black & Tan" upset

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PartTimePongo, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. Not sure how this one got missed....
  2. Methinks a quick read of Irish history would have been in order. There remains a deep amount of pain because of the actions of the Tans. The Croke Park massacre is just one example. There are still people alive today who lost relatives due to their actions.
  3. There are people alive today who know people who were killed by the Germans and Italians in WWII, don't mean I'm going to stop eating Bratty's and Pizza though !!..........the PC Brigade gone silly again ?
  4. Not PC, just another example of clinging to the past like a wretched blood stained cloak, let it go FFS, and move on into the 21st century.
  5. But you can order a Black and Tan (usually made with Guinness floated over Harp's, if you're interested) almost anywhere in the States that serves Guinness. That can hardly be news. And I've never heard any outrage about that...I remember thinking the first time I heard it, "Well, that's an odd name for a drink, considering." I was in an Irish bar (the lino shopfront kind) in Chicago when I ordered my first one, actually. Most people could only identify it as a drink, I 'd guess, unless you lived in Boston. So I can see how an American company with no Irish history buffs in the marketing department might think it was harmless.

    Then again, you can also order an Irish Car Bomb pretty much anywhere in the States, including the English expat bar I used to go to.
  6. It did not get missed. It was in the Times three days ago along with a pic of the tub in question.
  7. It was also on here yesterday under the heading 'Ice Cream' don't know how to link it though.
  8. Well I'll just carry on licking my stick of Gibraltar rock and read my Bobby Sands cookbook.
  9. Not really. It isn't as though the Germans are trying to sell "Waffen SS Bratties", guaranteed loads of pork meat, and I have yet to see an Italian restuarant in the UK offering "Il Duce's Favourite Facist Foccacia". I don't think that there is any complaint about the icecream, just the name.

  10. Would you like some Farrell nuts sprinkled over your rock mistersoft :twisted:
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Ben & Jerry will have to bin their plans to bring out the Adams and McGuiness flavour now then!
  12. I dont think sh1t flavour would sell :twisted:
  13. My grandfather was at the croke park massacre aged 7.
  14. If eveyone alive today who claimed to have been at Croke Park was really there, it's a miracle the Auxies could get in to shoot them! If the numbers that they represent were really there then there was no need to expand the stadium and the current capacity represents a reduction if anything!

    I think it is very important to remember that the "Black and Tans" were an expansion of the Police, the RIC. The real bad hats and the main striking force were of course the Auxiliary Cadets. Nowadays I think many of them would be diagnosed with adjustment disorders or PTSD. Quite a few ricocheted from one to another of the mini-campaigns of 1918-1920, Russia, Ireland and other oddities. Many had been decorated more than once - usually photographs show MC followed by MM on a youthful chest, which tell a clear story of bold young leaders. Their activities were quite brutal and they were responsible for most of the outrage. Their distinctive uniform item, which incidentally was full on khaki usually, was a TOS but this has no relevance to Scottishness.

    Not unremarkably, there are few memoirs or documents in the public domain which refer to their activities. They were without doubt the nastiest bunch we sent into the emerald Isle, in a long list of nasty pieces of work from Cromwell to Percivale. There are some fascinating shots of "Axies" taking their leisure around an armoured tender in the National museum in Dub'.
  15. :lol: :lol:

    A rapid bit of editing by someone?

    There are many people around today who loathe all things German &/or Japanese. The few I know are not open to reasoning to change their opinions and won't be 'moving on' in their lifetimes. Another 20 years or so and they'll all be gone. Then we can all be PC and not mention the war again.

    The Black & Tans made a dreadful reputation for themselves. Many were unemployable ex-WW1 officers who were accustomed to killing. A relative was about 5 at the time, but recalls all the kids running in terror when their lorries were heard approaching. They could also reel off a list of people who'd been shot by the B&Ts, for no specific reason.