Ben Elton slagging off the Guvnor!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. Ben Elton, horrible left wing turd with a face you would never get sick of punching, has had a moan at the royal family (theres a suprise!):

    Ben Elton c0ck!

    Mr Clever Dick Ben Elton should leave this little old lady alone By Peter Hitchens

    Why do some people hate the Monarchy? It is a strange form of bitterness. What harm has Prince Philip ever done to the alleged comedian Ben Elton, that Mr Elton should call him a ‘mad old bigot who wishes it was still the war’ and then describe the Queen as a ‘sad little old lady who lives in state-sponsored accommodation’?
    Both these jibes lack wit, style or substance. Nobody who actually served in the war has any illusions about it.

    The Duke of Edinburgh is clearly one of the most level-headed and drily humorous people in public life. What is wrong with little old ladies, without whom our lives would all be much poorer?

    And this is a fairly mild version of the sort of abuse that a certain type of person thinks can be rightly aimed at the Sovereign and her consort.
    Now, I’m all in favour of abusing politicians and other voluntary public figures. And in idle moments I can Google myself and study the wide (though unimaginative) range of personal insult that is hurled at me by my critics. I can’t say I enjoy all of it, but I have to learn to take it.

    But it is different when it comes to the Queen. With two notable exceptions, for which I have criticised her and always will (no gongs for me, thanks), she has stayed out of politics for her entire reign.

    Where she has intervened – on Northern Ireland and political correctness – her view has been a good deal closer to Mr Elton’s than to mine.

    She did not choose to be Queen, and would clearly have preferred to have been spared the crown until much later in life.

    She took it on as her plain duty, a word Mr Elton probably thinks is laughable.

    Mr Elton neither knows nor cares about any of this. He is just a creature of fashion who has made a lot of money by telling modish jokes to people like him, who think their opinions are terrifically advanced, nonconformist and clever. In fact these opinions are as nonconformist as jeans and trainers.

    They have got them off the television, from their teachers and their rock-star heroes. They have never thought about them for an instant.

    They instinctively hate the Monarchy because they have been brainwashed by the cultural revolutionaries.

    They claim falsely that the Queen lives an extravagant life. Piffle. She breakfasts out of Tupperware, while modest, unassuming republican Air Force One costs £390million.

    They pretend she is powerful, when the seat of absolute power in this country is Downing Street.

    They seem to think that a republic is automatically more free than a monarchy. Tripe. North Korea is a republic and East Germany and apartheid South Africa were republics.

    Yet of the seven longest-lasting law-governed free nations in the world, five are constitutional monarchies.

    Republicans are ignorant, stupid, thoughtless and malign – and it is time they were subjected to the mockery they mete out to the blameless couple in Buckingham Palace.
  2. At least he's actually worked for what hes got !
  3. Are you trying to suggest that the Queen, and other Royals, don't work for what they've got?
    I'd hazard a guess that HMQ puts in quite a few hours more than you, despite being 23 years past retirement age.
  4. As opposed to Llech, who's worked VERY hard to be a confrontational chip on the shoulder type.
  5. Is he related to the Ben Elton who compared the Royal Variety Show a few years back and told the Queen what an honour and a privilege it was to perform for her? Thought so
  6. Is this the same Ben Elton who apologised for this outburst 3 days ago?
  7. Well he needed to update his act, He cant exactly do the Thatcher is a twat routine anymore can he???
    But does anyone really care what he thinks?????
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Not a very good insult from a 3rd rate comedian who wrote some marginally funny books, who still collects 'royalties' from the publications despite having finished writing them some time ago and being paid for them . . . . . thus is still being paid for work he is no longer doing . . . . . does he do irony?

    Could it be that this has-been is merely being a bit controversial to get his visog back on the radar, seeing as he dropped off it somewhere around the 1990's?
  9. I assume Mr Elton has a book,dvd,tshirt coming out in time for Christmas,and need some free publicity?
  10. Well spotted. His book, released on 19 November 2009 (just in time for Christmas) is called Meltdown.


    No doubt it will be as crap has his previous ones.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Oh how fcuking predictable is this prat?
  12. Mmm.Hardly an original storyline though is it?
  13. They probably work very hard to keep what they've INHERITED. But the Royal Family are an anacronism from a bygone age. Nothing wrong with traditions mind however if im picking up the fcuking tab i will have a say.
  14. So much so it double posted!
  15. From that statement I guess you would be in favour of disolving the Monarchy and the (Dis) United Kingdom being split up into self governing Republics?