BEME to be Lt Col

Discussion in 'REME' started by ArtVeh88, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. Hey, REME Lt Colonels are to replace BEME's and then take ove the Bde DCOS posts in all Bde HQ's. About time too. Feel sorry for the old BEME's but, what the hell.

    An Artificer by definition is a star.
  2. Really? Where did you hear this?
    Looks at first glance like the REME Bn CO may be getting busier - if it's gen that is...
  3. Nige mate, it has been trialled over in Germany and COs 2 and 3 Bns REME now operate in the Bde HQ on exercise and operations, the same as the Engineers and Artillery COs. It has been a great success and is set in stone. It is good for us and the CO can ensure that ES and CSS matters are as important as the Engineers and Artillery. No longer the poor relation mate, got to be good.

    An Artificer, by definition is a star.
  4. Well, I'm in 7 Bde and have spoken to both CO 2 Bn and the BEME recently and neither has mentioned it.

    I know the CO of the REME Bn has a lot more input now that the REME Bn is a Bde asset but I think the BEME's demise is a way off yet.

    Then again, I have been out of the office a lot this week....

    Maybe it's 20 Bde that are leading on this.
  5. I think you're a bit off the mark; I can tell you that CO 3 certainly hasn't been working in Bde on Ex or Ops. The Bns are working a lot closer with the Bdes but certainly not replacing the BEME (as yet!!).
  6. Just had another read..........taking over from DCOS???? I dont think so.
  7. Never say never....... :)
  8. Never heard so much cr*p in all my life! Where are these extra Lt Cols going to come from in an age where the Army (and Corps) is shrinking???
  9. From the REME Bns. CS Coy goes to the Bde, GS Coy goes to either Div or Log Bde and CO goes into Bde HQ. Not hard to work out really.
  10. Not much of this was in the DEME(A) newsletter I read today - which is a good combat indicator.

    REME Bns are becoming integral to Armd and Mech Bdes, Th Tps Coys are the level 3 support for Log Bdes. Light Bde has a CSS Bn, with REME Coy in the ORBAT.

    REME Bn COs will obviously offer advice to Bde Comd, just as the CO Engrs and RA do. BEME is a planner at Bde, CO Bn is another source of advice.

    Not hard to work out really ;)
  11. Can't argue with you there Nige, however we are being briefed that CS Coy of the Bn will be in the Bde - not the whole Bn. leaving Bn CO with nothing to command once again - Your thoughts Nige mate.
  12. All I know is that under FAS each Mech & Armd Bde will be supported by a Bn, not a CS Coy.

    A cynic would say it's probably best that REME Lt Cols never command :)

    I up at 2 Bn on Monday, I'll try and see what they think is happening.
  13. I'm sorry, I just don't go with the threads that are being posted here. REME CS Coy OPCOM a Bde - presumably an independant sub-unit then! That'll be 7 COs out of a job! Hand picked (believe me they are!) DE Lt Cols, the best of their peer group and destined for 1*+ on the General Staff, to become BEMEs - an LE's territory - I think not.
  14. There are changes afoot, but CS Coy is already a Bde asset (with much coming TACOM 1st line units under ISTs) and GS staying as a Div asset. Providing "Improved Support to the Brigade" sees the Bn HQ staying as an additional Command and Control HQ within the BSG. BEME is safe in Bde for a while, but it is fair to say that the CO is going to play an increasingly important role in Bde life, and why not?

    For Nige. How goes the new jumper (at the risk of changing topic)? Hope life is good "up north"!

    But a change of tack; how about about a pat on the back for the former BEME who has just "pinked"?
  15. Just back from 2 Bn, neither BEME or CO 2Bn mentiond anything resembling changes to BEME/CO status. CO 2 Bn is keen to work closely with Bde ES pers and he has the personality and capability to make it work even better, both in camp and on ops.

    S-a-h: New jumper is great (free :) ) only worn it twice in 18 months - no hassles with these boys, or the EME ;) - do I know you from there???