BEM recipents.

Very common award I realise, but my maternal Grandfather received the BEM for service in RUC/Prison Service. I know that his picture was in the Belfast Telegraph and I'd like a print to frame for my Grandmother for Christmas.

Only problem is I've absolutely no idea at what point in his career, and hence year he was awarded it and can't very well ask without blowing the surprise.

Is there anywhere I can search/check?
Can you search via the website of the London Gazette, sorry, Belfast Gazette? That ought to be able to give you a date to within a week or three.
The newspaper probably has an archive, though it might well be on microfilm.
They have computer archives but searches are carried out by their staff and the "require" a year.
Thanks for your help.
I got it from the Gazette, New Year Honours '68. Didn't think it would go "down" to BEM.


They do Biscuits.
BEMs are there for issue on 1 Jan 1968 & same for 1 Jan 1969
So I see... Big database. Thanks for the help all. Now just to see if the goons in the paper can find the pic.
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