BEM Presentation Case

Firstly appologies if this is posted in the wrong place.

OH's dad has just inherited his Grandfathers medals and quite nice nice rack they are too. He has a couple of medals from the Boer War, I think a further three from the Great War, including the victory medal and a BEM.

The father in law is particularly proud of the BEM and is looking to get hold of a presentation case for this (the individual with BEM on it), but isn't to sure where to get one. I have been keeping an eye on fleabay for him and also suggested he contact the medal office to see if they can help, but someone has also said that due to the age of this presentation (I can't remember the date) there is a chance it would have had an OBE or MBE case instead.

Any suggestions on where he can get his hands on a presentation case would be gratefully appreciated.
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