Belts over combat jackets.....why?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Pigsick, Jun 26, 2004.

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  1. I have noticed a worrying trend beginning to raise its ugly head again. The insistance that a green plastic belt is worn over the combat 95 smock.

    Why..its a jacket not a dress. Call me a traditionalist, but are not belts for holding your trousers up or hanging things off. 8O
  2. Totally agree with ye on this one. I hate the wearing of a belt over a Jacket.
  3. I`m pissed off with my trousers falling down everytime I put my jacket on :oops:
  4. I was once told it was something to do with swords and scabards, later bayonets and frogs, and is now just ridicularrse.

    Particularly if you are my shape - I look like an awkwardly tied sack of spuds with my bely arround my jacket.

    Mil pride did someone utter? We're in the RLC for fcuk sake.
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Surprised that there are people in the RLC that can still fit a belt over their combat jacket.
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    They don't use just the one......
  7. It's a really krap idea. you need an extra belt, have to have it with you if you carry a jacket just in case, it's something else to loose and it wears holes in your smock. In fact it doesn't even look smart.

    Is there one good reason why we should have to wear one? Not all units do. Or is it done so that seniors who have absolutly bugger all to do can wander round trying to catch people out and shout at them, getting them noticed when they otherwise wouldn't be? 8O
  8. The idea of wearing a belt over a combat jacket is as bad as being told you have to wear a Corps belt with combats. You issue me with one and I’ll wear it!
  9. I totally agree!! if some knobber wants me to wear a gay belt with my combat 95 then they should at least have the common decency to issue me one!
    £25 was the price quoted for a stable belt, however the booklet in the RAO's called "terms and conditions of service" clearly states that all clothing required to meet dress regulations will be "provided at public expense".

    As for wearing belts over Jackets, if it had to go between the top and bottom pockets then my belt would be just below my man boobs on one jacket and round my arse on my other!![/quote]
  10. Weak individuals will wear their belts as instructed because DRLC has said it is the No1 priority. The CO's all then cry that it is thier No1 priority. OC's command that it is now thier No1 priority. When it gets to the RSM's things like this could be nipped in the bud and everyone brought back to earth. It is a pitty that most RSM's are now chasing the Commission Carrot and cry "This is my No1 priority". Bin the belts, bin the stable belt and bin the TRF. If this stuff is your cup of tea then join the Brownies. Your cap badge should be enough unless of course you are embarressed by it!
  11. Thing

    If you're asking about the photo, yes it's one of the many I made in Iraq, with the help of a lot of other people.
    Dems Troop Cowboys - causing the biggest bangs in Iraq.

    But back to the thread


    Spot on.
  12. It's a look but it is a very crap look. Even the "spare" 58 pattern belt worn over jackets circa 1985 looked shit..
  13. Stop whinging you fcuking AT b*stards. Its called the Army, and they're called rules.

    You're always rubbing it in about being on the higher pay bands, so go out and buy a belt. If you can't afford one, then clearly you're a irresponsible financial manager and certainly shouldn't bet let near bombs & bullets!

    Do you get an extra allowance to get you're hair cut or to buy soap, NO!

    This is the Army fellas, and they is called rules. This is the problem with ATs and stackers, they have to question everything, i could list a 100 things that we have to pay for in addition...

    We here to supprt democracy, not practice it!
  14. This thread is a waste of your and my efforts. Then again, most of our careers is wasted!!

    Get a life - do as you are told or leave!! I'll get my coat!