Belt, yokes, loadbearing etc

Hey guys, I've been issued all my kit for basic training and i've a few questions.

I've got a yoke, label says, "Yoke, Pouch Side, Rucksack" but i'm confused about where i attached all the straps hanging off of it once it's around my shoulders, do they clip to my belt or bergen or..what?

any help would be appreciated, my units on xmas leave now and i'd rather get this squared away soon.

You should be given a lesson on how to use all the kit issued to you, also look in the Arrsepedia, there is an extensive article on PLCE etc.
As Muffin_Kicker has said you will be shown how to use it properly in your training. I'm sure everyone else is as confused as you, I know I was when I had my kit thrown at me from the stores! The side puches clip/zip to the sides of your bergen and you can take one or both of them off to make a daypack. As I say, don't worry, you'll be shown how to do it all in your training.
The vast majority of blokes thik that the middle Fastex buckle is there by accident.

It is not; it attaches to a female buckle found on top of the ammunition pouches.
I think i've pretty much got it figured now, except one of the pouches issued looks like an older version of the other, and also doesn't have the clips the other pouch does.
Thanks for that, now, what do you do with the strap futility? :)

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