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I'm looking to change my belt from the bog standard issued piece of shit for something that doesn't need to be tightened every five ******* minutes . I've been looking at rigger belts, and pd belts but yacht tried either of them. Can anyone reccommend a decent belt that doesn't cut into your gutts when sitting down

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You only wear it for 2 hours, once a week you STAB wastrel.
If I had decided to replace a piece of issued uniform with something bought elsewhere the RSM would have been so far up my arse I'd be shitting pace stick splinters for a month.
or you just join the rank of 20-30 somethings who all wear very aged '58 belts when they clearly hadn't even joined the army when 90 pattern green stuff was even in service!
Why do you have to wear a belt with PCS? Surely your hips hold your trousers up? Unless you are either:

1. A STAB in C95.
2. A piabetic baloon.

Or more likely:

3. Both.
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