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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by wana_b_sapper, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Ok, I have a Belt kit(Im an Air cadet)

    1st Question?

    Is webtex any good as i got 2 water bottle pouches and a utility?

    2nd Question?

    What stuff do you guys usually carry in ur belt kit/webbing with exceptions to ammo (as we cadets dnt carry ammo)?

  2. Bravo, what was a novel idea!

    Frankly I'm surprised that no-one has started a thread on this topic before.

  3. SPACE CADET i believe you meant. 8O :wink: 8O :wink:
  4. Question 1.

    Webtex will suit your needs just fine, not the most durable but you probably wont need to use it much.

    Question 2.

    This isn't the best place to ask what we have in our belt kit mate as the main things we need you'll never use in cadets ie; Rounds, Smoke, Mine extraction kit.
    I'd suggest posting this on a cadet website or asking the adults at your cadet unit, they'll know exactly what you need to have for your weekedn exercises.
  5. Yeah ive heard space cadet before,

    a-guy-67, i understand, just meaning like standard stuff

    also on your webbing do you place bungies/utility straps around the pouches to attach scrim etc???
  6. also on your webbing do you place bungies/utility straps around the pouches to attach scrim etc

    depends on where you are really

    I do not place bungies/utility straps around the pouches to attach scrim cause it looks shite and serves no real purpose remember the cup goes in the pouch not dangling on the outside of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yeah im not daft like that, i understand basic principles of field craft, eg. Shine, Shadow, Silohette, Noise etc
  8. On my old belt kit I had bungees attached to my 3 utility pouches, but this was only so they pushed together and sat neatly. Reduces the movement and noise. If you do it though don't tie them too tight otherwise it's a right pain putting things in and out.
  9. Never ever everever ever go anywhere without your 50m of green string!
    You know, the wool stuff, it's so weak you need 50m to tie anything together, and when wet its wieght increases out of all proportion to its absorbency! you'll only only ever need it when its been in the bottom of your pouch for years and is just one loose knot, that once you have unravelled (4hrs later) you will find everyone else has wandered away bored!

    But dont forget it.
  10. In your water bottle pouch you would normally place your water bottle and mug.

    The utility pouch is used for storing the teddy bear which the police will use to identify where on your body the adult instructor touched you.

    Condoms also come in handy but not for water collection a la survival mode, purely to prevent STIs from your adult instructors penis.

    Mouthwash can also help to remove the nasty taste following a vicious session of ass to mouth.
  11. i said i understood as you said:

    im not stupid i know that if you dont have items securely they generate noise etc so no need for the comment, I asked if people actually did put bungies on their webbing, and ive got my reply
  12. I like your attitude, you have spunk. No manners, Arrogance and a fleeting grasp of the English language. but plenty of spunk…have you thought about calling yourself wanna-b-Infantry?
  13. I dunno if your being sarcastic but thanks, no offence but i want to be a sapper all the way,
  14. be very sure he didnt mean that in a nice way.
    'No manners, Arrogance and a fleeting grasp of the English language'
    is rarely meant affectionately.

    just to translate it for you, my interpretation would be:

    he thinks you have some balls, but equally, believes you have the intellegence, and sophistication of a kitten that has been hit with a shovel.
  15. Your name suggests that you want to be a sapper. But your in the air cadets? Since when did sappers fly? Because i cant see that in the briefs.
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