Belt kit-What would you like ?

303SMLE said:
But with fixed ammo pouches left and right (or ammo pouch left and utility pouch right). Something resembling this is already being knocked up by a couple of UK shops as demand is high for custom-made 'lightweight' belt kit. Roll-pin belt is better than the plastic buckle, especially if it is threaded back on itself to make it 'quick-release'.
Arktis have made something called an "Allan Belt Kit" for years, that is basically what you describe. I'm quite tempted by one for those occasions when all you really want on your person is ammo, water and a few bits and bobs. I'm not sure how comfy it would be to drive in though, even swivelled around to the front....
Nah, nothing like that one. Go to Brecon, Aldershot or Colchester and take a look at the 'lightweight/custom made belt kit' from the usual suppliers.

The kit in the picture I linked to is actually made by Vanguard and is designed to be worn with the normal yoke and ammo pouches. The reason they leave it like that is so you add your own ammo or utility pouches as appropriate.

Regiment646 - if you could knock out a version of your 'Efod' pouches in this configuration (obviously in British DPM), you might sell a few in UK.
Pillager said:
Adam in your photos could you pack out the pockets. Just to get an idea of the bulk of the item. The unpacked pockets are difficult to get an idea of size with.
... and get that shagging wall painted you slacker :)
The DPM-IRR cordura , I'm working on it , I have to import it from the UK for the MOD specs.

The rest of the Smamit work shop looks as old as that unpainted wall , It was The Custom House of the British Mandate
Across the road is the old British Police Station Still in use , and a Big metal weighting platform for Trucks made in
England , 1935 :D
There are still 'Dragons Teeth " across the valley to stop the Germans coming down from French Vicey Syria and Trenchs
From WWII also I've found three old metal mess tins and the old "corkscrew " barbed wire stakes.
Adam Reg 646

Adam, just wondering, have you heard of something called 'intellectual copyright'?
If not, look into it before you start ripping off everybody else's ideas!!!
I like my kit to be free.
Here's an exaple of changes that can be done.
I've a set of the old olive green PLCE webbing , to make it more useful for my use in the IDF I did the following changes and add ons.
On the water and general purpose pouches ,I sewed 2x hand and 1x smoke grenade pouches to each pouch ,altogether 4x hand and 2x smoke , these are good for rope, gloves and tools as well as grenades
Added 2x Simple waterbottle carriers
Added a bumbag/backpouch for clothing
Straps on top of the back pouch for a x6 night scope
Added a front left hand side pouch on top of the ammo pouches attached to the webbing strap ,for a compasses ,pens ,notepad etc.
It's a tight fit having all this gear on but as I'm having to carry a lot of kit on my webbing there is not much choice.
My mates in the Reserve company think its a laugh me turning up with this old kit instead of one of my new vests.
"The Sandal maker goes Barefoot"
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