Belt kit-What would you like ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Regiment646, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. Right then , Every couple of months I've being asking what you would like on your kit , rucksacks etc..
    This helps me develop new ideas and hopefully make them into well designed gear that does
    its job well.
    What I would like to hear is what is good and not so good with your belt kit and what you think could be done
    to improve it.
    many thanks
    yours Adam - Regiment 646
    Custom made Packs from Smamit
  2. Something like the IDF have on their bergens for holding your Helmet,
    The swinging or alternative bungied method never looks that good, and nearly always results in some mong loosing his kit

    (Im in the OTC - bring on the abuse)
  3. The one thing every soldier needs on their belt kit;

    Waterproof and crush-proof fag packet holder! Nothing more demoralising than a psised of Trooper opening his tabs to find they're all trashed or soaking wet.

    (Suppose you could do the same for a mobile phone.)

  4. I have a very clever invention to hold my helmet, it's called a head, you can normally fit a helmet snugly round it and if you are doing some bouncing around type stuff you can do up the little strappy things and all the flapping around stops! :lol:

  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    A water bottle pouch that takes the large 58pattern bottle & mug without it being too tight a fit & a smaller pouch for the Brew kit.(maybe on the top inside of the pouch?) possibly a larger pouch that zips & velcro's vertically on the sides & top around the middle that is possibly partitioned so that you can fit your kit in without having to pull everything out to get to something at the bottom.(You could use that elastic netting like on the assault vests for the partitions)
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    It to be completely modular, with the capacity to make special size pouches and a way of snapping each pouch to the other a la arktis (rather than having to use Strap, utility).

    Remember to keep foliage loops and a wee gap to run a bungee through.

    Normal spainish fly on the ammo pouches, but maybe clips on the others?
  7. trauma pouch, quick release from belt kit,, opens out for easy access to contents, 'bout size of utility pouch, magazine dump bag twicce as wide as utility pouch velcro flap access though lid., Somewhere nice to keep my KFS!
  8. try baccy in a water tight bag that will do the job
  9. further to what spike says (spike, great minds think alike), for those without the crusader mug, a waterbottle pouch that you can put w/bottle & mug in in the same style as the US ALICE w/bottle/mug/pouch design, with your wbottle in the rightway up & the mug underneath. you would have another compartment on top accessed from the outside for brew kit or similar (zip or velcro closure?).

    The idea Pillager has about a secure helmet holder. perhaps an elastic cradle for back &/or side of webbing/daysack/bergan to hold the helmet securly when NOT WORN, as there are occasions when its not. proably something like the cycle helmet holders on some cycle rucksacks (havent seen the IDF bergans).
  10. I use a small watertight plastic box, formerly an NBC decon sponge holder (well cleaned and rinsed, of course)
    go it in the States for a buck or so
    A 20-pack fits rather snugly, and you can even have it hanging from your yoke (dark green pastic). As long as you dont use it in the middle of your chest (possibly painful if "hitting the deck" at any speed...). Will certainly fit rear utility pouches, NBC mask haversack, etc.
    A small mobile phone such as the samsung X486 would certainly fit too, along with a 10-pack of cigarettes (call them "emergency fags" or wathever.
    Will try to see if there's a NSN on mine later, when I get home
  11. You can get a waterbottle pouch with an external pocket for brew kit or whatever (designed for a hexy stove though) from Protac I believe.

    The Dutch issue a US style waterbottle carrier in DPM, these can be picked up quite cheaply on ebay or from a surplus shop.

    Tacgear make a thingamajig for attaching helmet to bergan: (look in products, then click on various things, and it's called a helmet-x)
  12. Alright mate....on phase two, they made us all put a split ring off a keyring onto the metal loop at the back of the helmet (that the strap runs throught) and then you could clip this on and off a carabiner which went through the metal bit above the rear ammo pouch.

    It worked fairly well, and left the helmet hanging quite smartly, although at times getting ti on and off could be a struggle, especially for the more 'challenged' around the place.

    See you on msn soon mate. :wink:
  13. Compression style straps horizontal on the pouches to allow you to vary what's in the pouches on ex without sounding like an irish tinker when you move. A Bungee can stop the whole lot but can make adding removing stuff a pain if you don't get it right.

  14. the wyvern mag dump pouch is excellent kit. does the job superbly. yeah you could use the 'brecon pouch', except when using a tac vest, like the arktis battle vest, which is great except for the covering the brecon pouch function
    wyvern mag dump pouch is available from Flectarn in dpm, amongst other colors.