belt kit on herrick

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by megahorse7, Aug 12, 2010.

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  1. anyone use their belt kit whilst on herrick?? or are the pouches isseud with osprey good enough, or the issued man bag???
  2. I tried Belt-Kit on Herrick 9, but found that it intefered with my OSPREY too much to be comfortable, as i'm a short arse & in the end just used the pouches attached to body armour.
  3. Try the issued assault vest or the MOLLE vest from CQC?
  4. I've tried both.

    You can use the issue webbing, but you have to loosen the straps off, the issue is do you wear it under or over the body armour.

    If it's under this means you'll struggle to get to anything other than ammo pouches, may not be tactical to take your armour off.
    If it's over and you carry a daysack, it may slide of the shoulder.

    It'll be trial & error to see what suits best, if you take your webbing you've got both options cover and can tailor to op requirements.