Belt kit kinda vest thingy - views and thoughts.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by roger_out, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi all.

    Bored and was trawling thought previous topics and saw this picture...
    I've been running around in assault vests for the last few years but now a change of job means good old belt kit back on. Trying to move with the times, saw this and its got me thinking (dangerous i know :) ).

    Whats everyones general opinion? How would you guys change it if at all?

    NO - I dont make kit and am not marketing stuff, just interested whats thought.

    Thanks and have a good xmas!


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  2. Looks good to me...where can I get some?
  3. Thats what i wana know mate. :D
  4. Depends what your job is.

    Looks ok to me if your job involves carrying copious quantities of ammo and you need water etc.
  5. roger out PM inbound.


  6. Personally I'd change the phone to a triband, up to date jobby, so you can use it worldwide...what with the turn around of ops these days.

    I'd also recommend swapping the chorley grenades, for some proper ones :)

    I'd certainly keep the colt mags, they're far better than the RG ones issued.

    Bar that it looks quite good
  7. roger_ out ,

    Where did you "see this picture" ?

    Its a pretty specific picture of belt kit

    Just wondering with them losing a few due to painting the boat house in gold leaf and crushed diamond stripe , could this change of job include the issuing of a strip of black nasty?

    Good for a 2nd post though.

    belt kit sold on e-bay from 1 walt to another I wonder
  8. carlos pm inbound
  9. ive got some like this advertised in back of soldier mag. fell apart 2wks into a brecon mg cadre. stitchings shite.

    had it repaired when got back and has been great ever since..... 8O ...mind you its not been out of the wardrobe since either :lol:
  10. SASS?
  11. Only mods I would make is a roll pin belt, a team medic pouch where there looks to be a 349 pouch, maybe a bayonet frog, a pouch for a camelback on the back, zips to take a rocket pouch, a hippo pad if there's not already one in it, attachment points for a resi haversack, dump pockets in the front and padded shoulders like an SA M38 vest. That should do for starters! Jay Jay's or Troopers could probably knock one up for you. Worth making sure it'll fit over Osprey though.
  12. That pic is seriously good stuff haven't seen that kind of stuff for years....
  13. If it is a sample of the Dragon kit previously mentioned, it has the roll-pin belt and is designed to go under your armour ... I'm sure they would do the rest for you on their tailoring service if you still insisted.