Belly up to the Bar . . .

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 82nd Airborne Dad, Nov 14, 2004.

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  1. I just heard someone say it was Filbert Fox' birthday. First round is on me. Happy Birthday Guy!! 8O :lol:
  2. It is??
    Cream soda for Filbert,
    older model, cheaper to run :wink:
    Happy Birthday me duck :lol:
  3. The Medical Monkey still counts the years?
    At his age?

    Happy Day Monkey Man...

    Beebs x
  4. Well if he put actual info in his profile at another site where he has membership, and then I adding the the years since his birth, it figures out that he is 36. Damn, that is old!!

  5. But still Foxy...........
    and he MUST use a great skin cream to keep that youthful glow about him......
    Filbert Foxy,
    Birthday boy,
    Hellllllllo Baby!
  6. Haaaaaaaappy Birthdaaaaay To You,
    Happppppy Birthday to yooooooooou,
    Happy Birthday, Deeeear Filbert,

    Happy Birthday toooooooo Yooooou Whooooooo!!

    Love and miss you. xxx
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    He's a 173, born in a small holding in the Midlands.

    Brother to Lloyd George, by marriage.

    Studied at Oxford Elementary School leaving at the age of 45 with 1 GCE in Home Economics.

    Favourite colour is Mustard and has a fine collection of small stones and gravel.

    By his Official Biographer V.
  8. Does he smell of wee and wear shuffle slippers?

    Beebs :?
  9. Isn't filbert a NUT ??
  10. That's Filbert!! 8O