Bellfield refuses to attend Court fearing of "bad publicity"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. "Levi Bellfield, 39, from west London bludgeoned Amelie Delagrange, 22, and Marsha McDonnell, 19, after they got off buses in south-west London.

    He was also found guilty of trying to kill Kate Sheedy, 18. Bellfield refused to attend sentencing at the Old Bailey due to "bad publicity".

    He is also a prime suspect in the murder of schoolgirl Milly Dowler.

    That will make a big difference then. No doubt Plod will just forget about all the other crimes he is suspected of.

    Mind you, he is guilty of a vast crime against humanity irrespective of the odd murder or two. He is a wheel clamper from West Drayton.
  2. I was also hoping that his previous for clamping might allow a whole life sentence to be deemed to be appropriate. As it is, even for the crimes that he has been convicted for, I am sure that I will be disappointed later today when he is given a recommended period and not whole life. It makes you wonder how some of the judiciary reach their conclusions. I quite like some aspects of the US system, particularly when someone is given a 500 year sentence and told that they might get 50% off for good behaviour.
  3. He's got whole life. That means they'll release someone to make space for him. Just hang the b@stard. Cheaper as well!

    (well, he WAS a wheel clamper....)
  4. How is it that he can 'refuse' to attend court!

    'March the guilty b*stard in, Sergeant Major!'

    No argument! :x
  5. And if he won't move his arms and legs of his own volition he gets carried in. Either way, he goes into Court whether he wants to or not. What the hell is this 'refusing' bollox? Is he given a sodding choice, or something?
  6. Knowing our justice system, they'll probably give him a money incentive to turn up!
  7. It's good that this bag of filth got a whole life term.The second one of these sentences handed down in a week(there may be some judges out there with cojones after all!).

    A slow execution in a gas chamber would be a good idea-and televised even better,but you can't have everything.
  8. Maybe the fat useless bag of shite will do us all a favour and kill himself, or it would look like he killed himself :wink:
  9. If I were him I would refuse to go too - its not as if anyone will have anything nice to say to him is it? Why bother if all they are going to do is call him names? Plus, you don't get any say on photo rights, and that bloke who does the court sketches is dreadful - I mean really dreadful.

    When you're carrying a few extra pounds - and lets face it, Levi is - you really want to ensure only the best images get used. Some of the ones in the papers do him no credit at all - some soft backlighting and maybe a touch of facepowder would have worked much better in print media.

    No, on the whole I think I would prefer to stay in with my memories, rather than hang with some uncool judicial dudes for the day with all their oh-so-boring legalese and dowdy suits and silly wigs.
  10. The murderous mong probably didn't want to be seen blubbering in public.
  11. Dilfor, you're a bad, bad man.
  12. Another 7.62 mm Trophy bonded to add to the pile of bullets to be used, now we just need a small change in the law and we could rid the country of all the Bellfields
  13. I did some work on this case - but all credit must go to the people who put him away.

    To name a few, M.H. who took the statement from me in December and organised the witnesses and victims and also gave sound evidence.

    N.J. who provided a lot of evidence spending days in the witness box and J who was the family liaison officer.

    Last, but not least, the Counsel for the prosecution . Well done all of you.

    edited for punctuation.
  14. This is the third of high profile cases where the untermensch have been paraded on telly with the bone boring reply in interview of 'no comment'.
    The threat of such a comment having a 'harmful effect' on their defence is as effective as a chocolate fireguard. Stamp this fookin' nonsence out or apply the the death sentence on conviction when 'no comment ' has been repeatedly used might go some way to having a 'deterrent effect'. As it stands, there is no deterrent whatsoever

    That said ... it's been three spiffing results of life meaning life. Good Egg!
  15. Dilfor,

    You are a very nice man..... and you're going to hell in a handcart, you b******d! ROFL!