Bellfield guilty of Milly murder

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pararegtom, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    I do hope this spineless bullying , mudering cnut gets all he deserves inside, and falls down lots of stairs and slips in shower,s at every oppertunity, We could bang on about the death penalty ,the failings of the investigating officers, etc, well they have him now and he should never be allowed to leave prison alive.

    BBC News - Levi Bellfield guilty of Milly Dowler murder
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  2. If he's guilty it's a result.

    BUT. I haven't seen, read or heard anything concrete that links him to the event apart from proximity and circumstantial evidence. I haven't heard anything about DNA evidence or witnesses to the event. I just get the feeling that there might be an appeal for this conviction although it will not change this scumbag's present lifestyle.

    It appears that normal people (Milly's parents) were put on trial for not murdering their daughter and shows how respect for the average person is null and void once they are in the grasp of lawyers.

    RIP Milly.
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  3. The lawyer who appeared on TV to speak for those who were the defence for the murderer of Millie Dowler seemed a grim and scary individual.
    I suppose that is how defending such people makes you.
  4. After hearing the way the Defence team treated her parents and the accusations they put to them to try and deflect what a scum client they had I really truely hope they have to suffer the same thing in their families and see if they will back a murdering piece of trash again. Defence lawyers who say its because it there job to get their clients off because of technicalities and putting victims family through that ordeal are scum of the earth. Hearing his daughter tell how she believes he took her to the house Millys body was in plus how he repeatedly raped her mum shows what a piece of trash he is......if theres a god don't put him in an Isolation cell...
  5. That's a given. He was already serving a whole life tariff for the murder of two other young women before he was tried for the Dowler murder. He now has the dubious distinction of being the only person in England ever to be sent down for two whole life tariffs.

    Needless to say, this has attracted the attention of the European Court of Human Rights who are looking into whether whole life tariffs violate prisoners' human rights. I'd wager Bellfield will be out in time to draw his pension and while he's still fit enough to murder more women.

    No doubt the DPP had the best of intentions when he decided to prosecute Bellfield despite the fact that it would make not one iota of difference to his existing, whole life sentence. Noble ideas about bestowing "closure" upon the family and "laying the demons to rest" no doubt coursed through his mind in the midst of three bottle, taxpayer funded lunches at London's top eateries.

    Unfortunately, our current DPP is a former "radical" human rights lawyer with almost no prosecution experience and with his head so far up the arrse of the equality and diversity lobby that he can't really be blamed for what happened during the trial.

    The DPP has impeccable, socialist credentials, having edited a hard left magazine and even being named after Keir Hardy, founder of the Labour party. A loyal party apparatchik, if you broke him in two, he'd have "Labour" written all the way through.

    Our DPP wasn't appointed to worry about what might happen to the Dowler family in the hands of a proper, criminal defence barrister. He was appointed by a certain Tony Blair to ensure that he didn't get prosecuted for war crimes, sale of peerages or tax evasion during his peak earning years post No 10.

    He can just thank god that Bellfield, effectively on a 2 month holiday from prison, didn't exercise his right to sack his lawyers and defend himself. He could have had a field day asking Milly's dad about his porn stash and sticking Milly's mum in the witness box until she collapsed.

    Don't worry though. The CPS assure us that "lessons will be learned". Interesting to note that, since the sh1t hit the fan about this trial, the DPP has dropped it faster than a copy of the Daily Mail and left his minions to deal with the mess.
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  6. I doubt if anybody will touch him inside. If they do it will be over a drug debt or issues of 'respect'. He's a large violent murderer with nothing to lose and a major chip on his shoulder. Prisoners only get self righteous about despicable crimes when the perpetrator's a shy skinny nobody. The lads on the wing won't be ganging up to avenge Milly Dowler. If Bellfield even bothers to talk to other cons, it will be to maintain his innocence; most of them will politely pretend to believe him.

    No doubt he will continue to do society a favour by living to be 97 and requiring all kinds of expensive medical treatment in the decades to come. He'll probably also mount various expensive appeals and futile legal challenges. The sooner we start hanging the likes of Levi the better. It's time to reinstitute the death penalty and start advertising the post of Public Executioner; the only government paid job the Guardian wouldn't want to advertise......
  7. Bellfield is a superb argument for the return of Capital Punishment. It is an utterly worthless untermench with absolutely no redeeming qualities or possibility of rehabilitation. On both moral and purely economic grounds, there is absolutely no justification for keeping it alive. Especially since it will enjoy a life of relative luxury for many years at tax payers expense.

    Shoot it in the back of the head, harvest any useful organs and dump the corpse in a mass grave - Bellfield would only be the first of many.
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  8. Hear hear, I quite like the idea of using him as range fodder
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Gents (and Ladies) I point you in the direction of the blog "Order-Order", run by Paul Staines/Guido Fawkes. From today:
    Milly Dowler’s Family Call for “A Life for A Life” - Guy Fawkes' blog

    "The political class complains that the public is disengaged, could that be in part because there are a number of issues where the political class refuses to carry out the wishes of the people. All polls since 1965 when hanging was abolished show that there is majority support for capital punishment, yet there is no majority for it in parliament. It is not even an issue for parliamentarians even though the incidence of homicide is higher now than it was before the abolition of hanging. The coalition has promised that there will be e-petitions legislation before the end of this year. If it passes Guido will put all the resources at his command into a campaign for a vote on the restoration of capital punishment for child and cop killers."

    I used to wonder why, if the majority of the UK public want the return of capital punishment (in fact never wanted it repealed) that Parliament has ignored the matter for so long. The answer is of course simple - they are clever, educated people, we are scum, and they know better about this, and about so many other things.......

    He's got my vote.
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  10. Such a pity he's not serving his sentence in an American jail; apparently, Bellfield likes to boast about having. "Pure Gypsy blood." That would go down well with the boys in the Aryan Brotherhood...:threaten:
  11. The usual argument against capital punishment is along the lines of, 'What if they were innocent?' But I have never seen or heard the figures regarding the number of innocents killed by convicted murderers after their release on license. That might make interesting reading for the Guardian.

    If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
  12. The DPP has no influence over how any defence team conducts itself in Court. That's the job of the trial judge. If they are acting within the rules, they will not be reprimanded. Making witnesses uncomfortable isn't outside of the rules. Now that probably doesn't sit well with the 'great and the good' of ARRSE, but that's more to do with your lack of understanding of our legal system. "Lessons will be learned?" Really? And then what? The basic premise of our law is that a man is innocent until proven guilty, no matter what he is alleged to have done nor of what he has been proven to have done before. Nothing will change. Nor should it. Cross examination is a right of the defendant. We don't live in a banana republic where the rules are made up as they go along. The English legal system has an ancient history and it is one which all common law countries have followed or have at least adopted some of its practices. You have the right to a fair trial, irrespective of who your are or what you are alleged to have done. Bellfield had the right to have the parents questioned. Neither The Sun, The Daily Heil nor the Torygraph will change how our legal system works, no matter how many campaigns they try to force.

    I'm willing to put money on that.
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  13. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Were I Mr Dowler, I would have sought out Mr Jeffrey Samuels QC and punched him in his fat horrible mouth, very hard.

    However it would appear that Mr Dowler is far more of a gentleman than myself and far more importantly, more of a gentleman than Mr Jeffrey Samuels QC will ever be.
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  14. I have it on good authority (both from screws and criminals) he is NOT going to be treated politely and if the **** even thinks about stepping foot into general population, he may well fall UP the stairs a few times.
    Not often Stacker1 posts good news eh?