Bellend Traffic Motorcycle Cops

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trickywoo, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. This arvo. M25. Undertaken in lane 3 on my bike by lone bike cop who proceeds to tailgate all cars by a few feet for 20 miles. Rides like a 17 yr old on his first YPVS and probably cnuts off 2000 people in 30 minutes.

    If he's in a hurry he's got lamps - if not, he doesn't. What the biggins is this about? Cock end.
  2. You get his number? Shop the cnut. He'd be quick enough to pull you and bounce you up and down the hard shoulder if you tried even a fraction of that nonsense.

    Nothing will happen to him except a chat without tea and biscuits but it may make him think next time........unless of course you threaten to send the 'vid' to the tabloids.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    He needed a sh1t!
  4. But if action does get taken against him these days they won't just fcuk him over for being a cnut on a bike. They'll investigate everything the bloke has ever done to rey and fit him up... "We must be seen to be whiter than white and policing the police.

    Be men about it and do what you do when anybody else does it. Ignore the Pr1ck!
  5. Be men about it and do what you do when anybody else does it. Ignore the Pr1ck![/quote]

    Which is of course what I shall do. I know most of them are thoroughly good eggs and my copy of roadcraft's never far from the loo (I don't have a car license so bikes is all I got) but one bad apple...
  6. Just out of interest..undertaking on a motorway where variable speed limits are in force (ie: M25/M42) is not an offence...not saying they were in force but just thought I'd mention it.
  7. Hi Floppy, wasn't on the part of the motorway which is subject to variable speed limits although I hadn't realised that it was OK. This gadget undertook me in my own lane though which isn't much fun on a windy day. Also, I knew he was behind me so it's the tailgating that really got me going.
  8. Well he needs a good shoeing then.
  9. If he undertook you, where you in a position where you had been in the middle lane, outside of traffic for a considerable amount of time, or did he nip under as you overtook a lorry?
  10. Perhaps, now think about this, he wasn't a real m/c policeman! Merely a 'donor' wishing to quicken his usefulness!

    I've seen quite a few, 'bikers' with all the gear, panniers, flory jackets, dayglo body kits etc. All that was missing from their outfits were the blue lights the word 'police'.

    They always give themselves away though, when you either dab the brakes or use the windscreen/headlight washers. They subsequently promptly show their 'appreciation' that you have sussed them and are highlighting the error of their ways!

    Now, this is a police bike!!

  11. Should have breaktested the faggot!