No more chimps on the patch. Farewell colonial Britain.
Malaysia and Brunei will be only too happy to share their gardens for training. Panic over.
You what????? Both are Islamic countries, I bet they dont have a friendly nightclub not to far from the front gates.
Stacker1, I agree that they are islamic countrys, I got kegged in Penang when doing jungle shit with the Auz coy in Malaysia, and down town. Brunei frowns on alcohol, thats why you have to find your local AAC branch on a friday night.
More to the point, mothballed rather than shut - I suspect its about getting us through to 2015, when post HERRICK we can get a clearer idea of where we want to operate and then make a final decision. Given that there is no real spare capacity for jungle (or any other) ops at the moment, its not a surprising decision. I suspect though that we'll see BATSUB rise again in due course.

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