Discussion in 'Travel' started by bobbit, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Can any one give me any info on belize, accomodation,facilities etc as due to be going ther in May....
  2. Take a second wallet :D

    Edited: Don't be fooled do not swim in sweetwater canal :D
  3. Rauls rose garden
  4. rose garden a must ... price barracks 70 odd man rms not nice 4 the first few days til u start the range packages. marks bar just outside camp was a gd tattooist ther in 2007. stay away frm sticky vicki lol n if they stil run the trip 2 cancun take it
  5. Have a scan around a few sites,

    Like Lonely Planet.

    Take some mosquitoe repellant and keep your hand on your wallet.

    The cays are nice for a day out.