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Discussion in 'REME' started by banana_man, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I am concidering going out to Belize with the REME TA detachment this year, has anyone been out in the last few years? I'm tying to find out what the Accm is like and what facilities are available. Was last out there over 20 years ago, so hopefully things have improved a bit.
  2. Belize is still a shiithole, because of the climate etc. I was there in 1984 and believe it is run by the chomps now. Love some modern day photos of the place 8)
  3. I was there in 1961 when it was still known as British Honduras and loved almost every minute of it.

    The detachment was a company of the Royal Hampshire Regiment and the usual assortment of attached troops. I was Royal Signals and operated the rear link back to Kingston, Jamaica. We were pretty much under canvas as Hurricane Hattie had practically destroyed the place, but a wooden temporary camp was in the process of being built. It was not uncommon to find a snake in the tent or that a nest of fairly aggressive ants had been established. There was a fairly rudimentary airstrip just behind the camp and it was not unknown for the odd aircraft to overshoot the runway and wind up in the river. Happened at least twice while I was there. We used to swim in the river and looking back, I'm not sure just how wise that was.
    We also had possession of an old launch, circa 1930s and would cheerfully venture out to the Cays for a bit of a day out.

    I had the pleasure of being dared to leap from the balcony of one of the waterfront bars and swim across the mouth of the river in the town of Belize itself. Once again, not quite such a bright idea in hindsight. However, to quote George Bush, mission accomplished.

    I have had a look at the place on Google Earth and it seems to be an enormous complex now, with full blown barracks and airport. Quite a sight.

    Like Tytus Barnowl, I would love to see some modern pictures of the place and would very much appreciate anyone taking the time to so post.

    Anyway banana man, enjoy your time out there and make some effort to get out and about, all sorts of fascinating things out of the main centre.

    Good luck.


    Oh by the way, I am not familiar with the term 'chomp' so cannot comment.
  6. banana-man, i'n not REME, but served there with 2 PARA in the 80's out there. Belize has changed greatly from then from what i have heard.However, dont listen to people who say it's shit. It has a lot to offer if you bother yourself, particularly diving, caving and the socialising is probabably a bit more 'sophisticated' now. Lots of septics go there now, where tourism was virtually nil in the earlrly to mid 80's. I dont know in your role if you will be able to get out into the jungle, but from a soldiering point of view, jungle warefare/training is demanding but rewarding. Grab it with both hands mate.
  8. The term is Chimp.
    When Jim Davidson came out in 80 he was slightly offended by the term, but, that's what they were then. Dunno about now mind.
    The previous ASM had been a tiffy in 1SG when I was wiv em and one day one of the VM Cfn's nailed a dead fish under his desk after being bollocked by him. After a day it stank to high heaven and the ASM yelled at the civvy cleaner to clean the drain outside of his office window which he duly did but obviously it made no difference. The ASM kept giving him a hard time and he seemed to spend all of his time cleaning the drains. After a few days this dead fish was reeking the place out and eventually one of the Sgts hinted that the ASM should look under his desk. He did and hit the roof. Having known this Irish gentleman I didn't have to be told what he did. The Wksp was rifted and rifted good.