Belize retrospective

I never really understood why we couldn't go back to the UK on R&R. Not that I wanted to.
Then you'd know Fez N (R Sigs), Scouse H (RCT), Heavy Henry (R Sigs), Bernie C, Elvis J (RHA), Davey J (RMP), Damar T (6GR), Ronnie I, Cath D, Dave R (RAF) etc. There was a few others as well, who's names escape me.
Glad someone at BFBS has got a sense of humour, just heard "Rose garden" By Nina someone or other I think it was on the radio. Made me chuckle. :judge:
Arte - cracking set of pictures, I'm getting flashbacks. Must dig mine out and scan them.

BuckFelize - Elvis J***** got out straight after that tour (Apr-Oct 88 ) and became a copper in Bristol.
'Dance, dance, dance de night away in de Blue Angel dare, or be de square'

'Today's temperature will be 38 degrees, humidity 90% and sea state light chop to choppy'
Ever served at BATSUB? Great, good or god aweful tour? The team at BFBS Radio are working on a
programme to mark the closure of the Unit and the radio station, which will be broadcast around the forces
world and in the UK on August 7th. We'd love to hear your memories, see your pictures and maybe audio
record your thoughts on your time there. Leave your comments in this thread if you're happy for us to include them in the programme and we may contact you for further contributions.

BATSUB isn't closing, it is reducing in size,

There are still major units on the exercise plot for the next 2 years.

Unlike BFBS to report factually incorrect items.........
Just dug out a few phots. I took loads, but have only scanned a few. The RPL BBQ beach hit was on Goffs Caye if I remember. The look on the faces of the yanks who were already moored up was a treat. The sailing boat was crewed by a couple of local chancers who'd 'borrowed' it and rented it to us for the day. We were hammered virtually 24/7. I was also a BFBS 'presenter', which got me out of 'work' very nicely. The BFBS Programme Controllers I remember were Nankers and Andrew Winter the former taking over from the latter. There was also Klaus, our pet kraut techie. Happy days.
Last pic, What is that weapon? Is that something that is in use by them.
Hopefully you will appreciate these photographs, taken during my tour as a sprog in 1977-78. The Band is 1 QOH, who were the resident Bn at the time. There is also one of HMS Tartar, which visited the country in 1977 as part of its deployment. I seem to remember there were one or two sherberts shared with the ship's company!
The accommodation block belonged to 633 Sig Tp in Airport Camp.
The town shot is of main street, Belize City.
The Mayan Temple, is, I believe at Xuanantonitch (Sp?) and the desert island is English Cay. The remaining shots are of airport camp and airfield defence 1977 style.
Unfortunately, I don't seem to have one of the Continental Hotel (The Big C); an establishment which took quite a significant % of my income during the tour! Happy days.


Yes, that's Xunantunich. That last shot must have been taken from what was to become the Charlie Delta hide site. A few more I've found.


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