Belize retrospective

Ever served at BATSUB? Great, good or god aweful tour? The team at BFBS Radio are working on a
programme to mark the closure of the Unit and the radio station, which will be broadcast around the forces
world and in the UK on August 7th. We'd love to hear your memories, see your pictures and maybe audio
record your thoughts on your time there. Leave your comments in this thread if you're happy for us to include them in the programme and we may contact you for further contributions.
My Belize tour was all about necking rum and roaring hookers in the most degrading way that a small ammount of dollars could buy. Does this count?
My Belize tour was all about necking rum and roaring hookers in the most degrading way that a small ammount of dollars could buy. Does this count?
Summed it up in one beautifully delivered sentence.

Central American pocket sized cumsluts that would drain your pods in exchange for some loose change and mild to extreme abuse made the place a Mecca in my eyes.

Granted there were some horrific black gummed horrors, but amongst them were some simply stunning trouts that seemed to live on the seed of drunken soldiers. I want to go back, but going back on old pastures is never quite the same and often spoil what should remain fond memories.

That said, $8 for a nosh and a good bum fingering is a bargain
Hi Poppy,

Are you wanting the low down from a political / military stance or merely on the amount of class A drugs that were being injested, injected and dealt by a Scottish regiment?

Indeed, if it is the latter you could also do an article on the amount of local prostitutes that the cunt struck Jocks decided to marry and import back to the UK.
The tropical disease warning cards you are given when you leave, with a brief desciptions of symptoms on it. Around 1990 I had developed a rather impressive collection of red sores all over me.

I handed my cutaneous leishmaniasis card to my GP, he nearly fell off his chair.

I asked if he knew what it was, he said," Fuck nose"

I'll get my coat, up to the picture was true, I had chicken pox.
Batty's Busses. Forgot all about them until my neice was over there and sent me a piccie
Swingfog inscticide machines.
Rio On
The grotesque menonites.
Cayo OP
The Swamp Rats (still have the lighter)
San Ignacio
The Upstairs Cafe
The Bonfire
Club 102
The stinking market by the swing bridge
Speedboats to San Pedro
Nearly being disembowelled whilst building a Twynam Hut on St Georges Cay(cheers Troopy,you twat)
Launching class 30 trackway from an RCT boat on to the beach(which went well)
Recovering the above weeks later(which didn't go so well)
Always wanted to go. Never had the opportunity.
And who could forget ROSE GARDEN.
#15’s-rose-garden-burned-down - CachedRaul's Rose Garden, one of Belize's longstanding brothel, was totaled by fire on Tuesday, June 28.
WTF? What a tragedy. Rosie G's totalled? I had many a good night in that fine upstanding establishment - despite it being OOB. T'will be sadly missed by several generations.

As for the rest the tour? Too much to recall, but Bob's Bar, the Dustbin Bay Club, Oscar the parrot, JB's, weekend visits to Chetumal, San Ped, Caulker and rum and chip suppers in the APC NAAFI - which had two forms of entertainment: ABBA the Movie and A Bridge Too Far on alternate evenings – stand out. Two interesting choices of film actually: one with lots of singing, spandex and platform boots, and the other featuring four Swedes and Lou Carpenter out of Neighbours. Quality.

RIP Raul's. Sniff, dusty etc.


Grand opening of the rose garden, knew raoul from the hotel he worked at before branching out in business/pimping, memories a bit hazy but remember large crowd of drunken squaddies (a given) and only about 5 or 6 brasses on duty, some problem with inadequate bribes to immigration officials causing a hold-up with a posse of salvadorean tarts.
Also a god bothering half-colonel who wanted names from the pox doctor's pecker parade published on orders as a deterrent to sin, this would have been around 1980-ish. Pre-rose garden, the queen of hearts was the place to be, club 102 having aquired a nasty rep for unlicensed taxi drivers with sharp machetes.
Beautiful, but narrow, beaches.
Land crabs in the toilets.
Huge flying beatles, that hurt when they hit .
A cracking dose of dysentry.
Rot gut beer.
Nasty wee biting beasties every where.
Painted coconut postcards.
F (?) Troop jungle survival course and having "click " check explained to me.
Still have fits of giggling about the shithole. Mate persuaded local to give him his sunglasses for a couple of dollars. Then saw worst fuckin eye infection ever and paid him a couple more dollars to put them back on.
The whore who worked from a railway goods truck, had a pet pig called Hercules.


Book Reviewer
what was that spider which lived under your toenails?
Dunno. But i had one of those "Beef Worms" in my back. Mate pulled it out, then RAMC at APC filled my back with iodine. Apparently it was not a abd representation of the Nurnberg ring.
Wasn't the spider the same sort of parasite as the crabs/pubic lice chappies?.

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